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01-19-2018, 02:09 PM
This is pretty old post and am not sure if you have been answered, but I will add my experience as I do a ton of boat detailing. I would say that a boat with noticeable oxidation will require a wool pad. Gel coat is extremely hard and using a foam pad will be to much work and generate a lot of heat. Gel coat is much thicker than paint. You will almost always find that 4 coats are sprayed. Corners are always thin so be careful in corners. Other than that, Capt Cut and wool pad will do the trick. I usually finish with a med\light cut foam pad and Capt Cut just to get everything evened out. I have a developed my own rule for gel coated boats. I always go 1 pad more than normal. Instead of finishing with a fine cut or polish pad I use a medium pad etc. Once completed Seal and you should be good.