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08-16-2016, 08:56 AM
I've been detailing cars for a few years now and I purchased a rv to live in in January, I am now wanting to make it look better. It has heavy oxidation and I was wanting to know if it would be ok to use either the 3m perfect it system or menernza compound and polish. I have both at the moment, money is tight right now and I would prefer not to spend money if I don't have to. Also have chemical guys sealant. Thanks in advance for any advice

08-16-2016, 09:39 PM
I might not be able to answer your questions but I can ask some questions to hopefully get you some good advice.

What is the outer layer of the rv made of?

Is it all covered in the same material?

What style of polisher and pads do you have?

I am assuming you have gelcoat and a rotary from your post.

If so, take some of what you have do some test spots. Typically what I read is needed for heavily oxidized gel coat is at least wool pads and a really heavy cut compound, followed up by a polish or a lighter compound. In more severe cases scuffing or wet sanding may be needed first.

If it is painted aluminum, do not use anything abrasive on it.

08-17-2016, 01:34 AM
Yea it is gelcoat and a rotary buffer, it is heavily oxidized. I had planned on test spot when the rain stops and gives me time. Was just wanting to make sure the products I have would be ok to use

08-17-2016, 04:56 AM
I live full time in a RV, I have been experimenting with different brands of compounds, and polish for the last 3,years.

The best product I have used to date is FAST GLOSS 400, with LC orange hybrid pads, using a Flex 3403 rotary polisher. Today I did a small 27' Jayco. Just as an experiment I tried Menzerna Super Finish 3500 after the FG 400 hoping to get even more gloss. WOW. I loved it and the client was all smiles. I used a LC white pad with the SF 3500 and my Flex 3403.

I followed this up with CarPro Reload for protection. Reload is great and I tell my clients now that you paid me to polish your RV just apply Reload every 3 months and it will stay this way.

Good luck, hope this helps. If I have time this week I may post the pictures.

08-17-2016, 05:21 AM
I live in mine as well, thanks for the input I will be testing both the 3m perfect it and menernza see how both do.