View Full Version : National FREE Wax Day!

Nick McKees37
07-04-2016, 07:10 AM
http://www.palmbeachmotoring.net/ag-newsletters/2016/7-July/AG-NEWS-07-04-2016WaxDay.jpg (http://www.autogeek.net/newsletter-special.html)

Paul A.
07-04-2016, 07:25 AM
I had a little "word association" exercise with my therapist recently. He was trying to get my negative traits contributing to my incessant fiscal depression uncovered and figured this might give him a clue.

He came out with the following words...

Therapist: "Destitute"
Me: "NICK"

Therapist: "Penniless"
Me: "NICK"

Therapist: "Poor"
Me: "NICK"

I think he figured out my sickness!

Seriously, looks like a wonderful new tradition for Independence Day annually. Thank you, Nick.

07-04-2016, 07:45 AM
What a way to celebrate the 4th of July!!!

07-04-2016, 10:39 AM
I don't get it. When I click on the banner 'click for details' it just makes the picture slightly bigger or smaller.

A2D Signature
07-04-2016, 10:53 AM
Guess it's time to order. Ain't waiting another year to partake in the festivities!

07-04-2016, 06:54 PM
Hint to others about to order: get the most expensive wax i.e. WGDGPS, Pinnacle Suoveran, etc.