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Mike Phillips
12-08-2015, 11:24 AM
Paperback book - How To Detail Boats With Marine 31 by Mike Phillips (http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/marine-31-boat-detailing-classes/97252-paperback-book-how-detail-boats-marine-31-mike-phillips.html)


It's no coincidence that car guys also tend to be boat guys!

The two hobbies go together well when it comes to having fun and also when it comes to detailing and maintaining both cars and boats.

This how to book contains more in-depth information on boat detailing than any other book ever written on this topic. This is without a doubt the most complete and information rich how-to book I've ever written. (I have 5 paperback how-to books in print and 3 ebooks available).

This paperback book on how to detail boats goes over every surface of a boat both inside and out. It also covers every conceivable condition a boat is in with specific steps for correction.

It covers all these tools,

Flex 3401
Flex PE14
RUPES BigFoot 21
RUPES BigFoot Duetto
Cyclo polisher
Porter Cable 7424XP
Makita 9237CX2
Griot's Garage 6" DA Polisher
3M Air DA Sander

Working by hand
I know most people start out working by hand so I included hand techniques for every topic.

Plus all the pads, brushes and sanding discs to use with the above tool.

Instead of typing out all the topics covered in this book I've simply taken pictures of the index which shows you just how in-depth this how to book truly is...








Many of the topics covered also apply to car detailing so it's a valuable resource even if you don't yet own a boat.

If you're familiar with my writing style in the forum world you'll find the same style of writing in all my how-to books. That is I explain in simple terms how to perform a process plus why you're performing it and it's a combination of including both types of information that helps you to do the best work possible.


Mike Phillips
12-08-2015, 05:32 PM
On Autogeek.com

How To Detail Boats With Marine 31 by Mike Phillips (http://www.autogeek.net/marine-31-boat-book.html)



Mike Phillips
12-09-2015, 03:20 PM
In this brand new how-to book I strongly recommend a number of products, tools and pads for detailing boats.

When it comes to the rotary buffer category I recommend the FLEX PE14 for a number of reasons.

It's quiet - you can listen to the radio and actually hear it.

It's lightweight.
This is important when you understand most of the boat you'll be holding the polisher up using your forearm muscles.

It's compact in size
Perfect for getting into the tight areas.

It offers a low of 400 RPM which is also great for doing surgical work around cleats and other components on a boat.

Well built
The extreme quality that goes into this German engineered tool isn't found in any other rotary buffer.

If you use the rotary buffer a lot you now how much more work it is to man handle as compared to any other orbital polisher. Do yourself a favor and make the work easier on you. Get a FLEX PE14