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05-21-2012, 11:54 PM
I believe your service is good as stated previously by other members here, but I have a problem with your pricing regardless of the reasons you stated. You are not alone in this, look at the others in Australia such as zes, Car Care Products .. they'll never see my $$, or at least until they come up with competitive prices, but not with the rip-off they are offering now.


05-22-2012, 02:56 AM
The only reason any individual should buy from you is because it is cheaper to do so. This is what generally happens when an individual tries to buy a very small amount of products overseas and the shipping puts the price over the price they can find locally.

Unfortunately, you do not seem to offer this service to Australians, as I have found that me shipping a very small amount of products will only increase the price 50%, whereas you increase it but a much greater margin.

To me, the point of being a seller of products is to buy in bulk and save money on things such as shipping etc, which I'm sure you do and don't pay nearly the same % of the products you buy on shipping as I will have to. However, it doesn't seem like you pass on these savings.

The internet has made the marketplace a very global environment and Australians are sick and tired of paying more than they should.

Unfortunately, if you as a company (with you're increased buying power) are unable to supply products at prices less than an individual can source from overseas (including shipping) then individuals will eventually stop coming to you for products.

neat e34
05-22-2012, 03:34 AM
Magna Power, I understand exactly what you are saying & do agree with you but in my opinion the only reason things seem so cheap in America lately is the economy.
Back when $1AUD was only worth $0.65USD, or there-abouts, things were much more equal.
Now with our dollars almost on par we look at the USD as if it was our own.

You have to remember the average annual income in Australia is approx. $70,000 while, from a quick look, Americas average is currently around $45k-$55k, dependant on state, etc

This means that $100 (USD or AUD - it doesn't matter assuming dollar is on/near par) may be 10% of our wage but almost 20% of an Americans wage.
e.g. A wax worth $60USD from AG but $100AUD locally is 10% of our wage & 10% of an Americans wage...

I still don't agree with some of our pricing but when you look at things like this it does make more sense.

Once the USD strengthens buying from the US won't be quite as tempting. Prices will still seem low to us but conversion rates & shipping will likely kill any savings.

Australian retailers could lower their prices to suit but who knows how long the current situation would last so if they were to do so then prices would be CONSTANTLY changing.
As long as they don't jack the prices up even higher when the USD strengthens I can understand their pricing to a degree.

As I say, please don't take this as an attack against you as I was thinking much the same not long ago until I was reminded of the above & it started to make more sense.
I do still agree there is some stupidly high profit margins going on sometimes though... :nomore: (as I mentioned with Leatherique for example)

05-22-2012, 03:53 AM
Don't worry neat e34, I don't take what you wrote as an attack, but I would like to forward some counter points.

1. Just because I may earn more does not mean I should pay more. Also, I may be no where near the $70,000 mark, i know someone working full time at coles/k-mart most likely isn't.

2. The dollar hit parity back in 2010 (October), so that's a year an a half up there, more than enough time to see some reductions in prices here. Even Apple changed their prices in the App Store to reflect this.

3. It's been a long time since the dollar was at 65 US cents, and it wasn't there for overly long. Over the past 5 years it's been above 80 most of the time, with the average probably being closer to 90 (not sure if i can post a link to a site but i'll try Australian Dollar (AUD) vs US Dollar (USD) - 5-years - Currency Chart (http://www.x-convert.com/chart/AUD-USD?period=5y)).

All I can say is, if I'm already going online to buy something (most likely because it's cheaper than in a store) then I will buy from whoever is cheaper.

I put this question to anyone, can you give me one good reason why I should buy from waxit when it will cost me more?

neat e34
05-22-2012, 04:17 AM
As I said I still believe prices here are way too high, just thought this may help to explain it, even slightly.
I'm not suggesting we are all on as much as $70k but that also means not all Americans are on as much as $50k...
Minimum wage is as low as $5 per hour I believe!
Also the numbers I gave were purely for example.

Apart from that I do agree with you (after all, I'm on here due to interest in AG as well as detailing in general...)
Just looking at things from the other point of view.

Out of interest what part of Melbourne are you from?
PM me if you like...

05-24-2012, 06:28 AM
I put this question to anyone, can you give me one good reason why I should buy from waxit when it will cost me more?

Well I waited 48 hours for an answer, don't think you could ask more than that. Guess there isn't one, so I'll be buying from AG, which i'm happy to do :)

05-24-2012, 11:52 PM
hi Magma_power,

I appologise for my delay in response, our offices were broken into and laptops stolen. It has taken a few days to recover.

You have commented about the prices of Wolfgang however have you compared the prices between Australian retailers and American prices for Meguiars, Mothers, Makita, how about cars? The 2013 Audi RS5 has a USA price starting at $60000, in Australia it is $160000+.

If we were to sell some products we import, through our Parent Company AG Group Australia, at the prices they are sold locally we would not be able to stay in business. These are premium products, yet you want us to price them as a KMART brand.

At waxit we also offer an additional 12.5% discount on selected brands, for members of forums we sponsor, this includes Autogeek. When you add this discount to free shipping over $150, this can add up to 20%+ saving, which puts our pricing very close to the Autogeek Pricing. An this is when they are not on sale, this is everyday pricing.

I understand that I we will never be able to keep every customer happy with pricing, however there are things that we are doing to make it more affordable for you. We are investing in larger ranges of products within brands and holding more stock.

If I can assist with any other questions feel free to contact me direct.

Antonio Massari
Waxit Car Care

05-25-2012, 12:24 AM
At waxit we also offer an additional 12.5% discount on selected brands.

Cool, I never knew this. I'm sure I've ordered from you in the past, could have saved me a few bucks haha. That would be handy if I order with you again in the future.

What's the discount code?

davey g-force
05-25-2012, 01:05 AM
Cool, I never knew this. I'm sure I've ordered from you in the past, could have saved me a few bucks haha. That would be handy if I order with you again in the future.

What's the discount code?

:iagree: +1

05-25-2012, 02:28 AM
A 12.5% is a very good reason!!!! I'd be interested to know more about this, especially which brands this would apply to.

Additionally, I have done more in depth research into other products, and some seem to align more closely with prices by autogeek, which is also a good thing.

Maybe only your wolfgang products seem a bit too expensive, but I'd have to look at every item to really be able to state that.

05-25-2012, 03:14 AM
12.5% is nothing compared to 100-200% margins they put on top the US prices. When you guys - Australian distributors sell Collinite 845 for $15 and not $35 (not to mention LC 6.5" pads for $25 etc), then we can talk, until then you will not win my business, period.

05-25-2012, 06:20 AM
then we can talk, until then you will not win my business, period.

Danube, you’ve already stated that multiple times so I guess Antonio and the others have got the message. Not much point in over doing it.

I’m with you to a great degree as I do think our guys could reduce their prices and be more competitive, but quite obviously they think they are getting along fine with their pricing where it is. I really doubt you harping your point is going to change anything. Just shows there must be other reasons why some of us support the local guys.

I also do agree that some of Antonio’s points are weak. Shipping costs, import duties and custom charges, their 12.5% forum discount as compared to AG’s 10% forum discount, Ok much of that is mostly spin and we all know we can use freight forwarders to reduce shipping costs for the heavier items.

As a consumer I think you just need to get smarter and be “picky”. Buy from AG when it makes sense and buy from the Aussie guys when it doesn’t make sense to buy from AG. There are advantages both ways.

Using an example like Menz polishes and the Waxit prices look reasonable compared to AG, especially if you need it like today. But if you need Megs M105 or M205 or anything else Megs, well you’d be insane to purchase from the locals. Same goes for LC pads. Going to another extreme, the best wheel cleaner out there, Sonax Extreme is available at your local Repco shop or even AutoBarn at an even better price than AG.

But then again purchasing a polisher from the US like you did is just insane in my opinion. What are you going to do if your Flex rotary packs it in – ship it back to the US for repairs?

The one thing I will say for Waxit and Antonio is that their service, backup and advice is superb. As an example I purchased a DAS-6 from them and in 15 months they replaced/repaired it 6 times, plus gave me a loaner machine each time. I doubt that even AG could match that service level with a Porter Cable or a Groits machine. To top that off the last time it failed they replaced it with their own Concours 900, so now I have two Concours machines plus my Shinex rotary (which has never given me any problems). Even one of the Concours did a shaft and bearing and it was repaired while I waited, so their service is about as good as it can get.

Of course not all Aussie distributors provide the type or level of service that Waxit does, so it does depend on who you deal with here. Note that Antonio from Waxit has at least attempted to address your concerns – where are the other local guys?

Earlier this month, I purchased ONR from the Sydney distributor (you know who) and got completely ripped off. The gallon that was delivered was the old formula even though the new formula ONR was released last February. What really annoyed me was that he had a prior opportunity of informing me that he was unloading the old formula, but he chose not to. When I queried it after receiving it, he waffled on about order delays even though every other Optimum distributor throughout the world had stock of the new formula by then. To his credit he did offer that I could return the product, but the condition was I had to pay the freight both ways. As you can imagine that wasn’t financially viable. To top that off, the gutless wonder then had my IP address banned the same day from our Aussie forum Detail Paradise, as though it was his company’s forum.

You live and learn, but he can be assured that I’ve spent my last cent with his lousy company. Dr. G. should seriously rethink his Australian distributor in my opinion. It again, just goes to prove that a company such as Optimum, who provide outstanding products, can be so easily let down by their distributors and their support team.

davey g-force
05-27-2012, 05:06 PM
Yeah, I don't rate those Sydney guys you speak of either. On another forum which I belong to, they are so quick to put down Megs and any other brand they don't carry, by giving out erroneous information. It really gives me the shits. Plus, they're overpriced...

05-27-2012, 06:22 PM
Thanks for the head up about the Sydney guys and the positive feedback regarding waxit. As you said, some of the points may be weak but they are here. Although, we are still waiting on that mysterious code....

Also guys, for those Aussies interested, I've made a thread for just us (http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/off-topic/50805-calling-all-aussies-problems-solutions-thread.html) which will hopefully be filled with problems/solutions to help all of us, so please come share the knowledge to noobs like myself.

05-29-2012, 12:49 AM
Hi to all our Autogeek Friends,

Waxit Car Care, Waxit - Premium Car Care Australia (http://www.waxit.com.au), as an Australian Distributor of Autogeek and PBMG, would like to offer all Australian Autogeek & Autopia Forum Member a discount of 12.5% off all the PBMG, and many of the Autogeek & Waxit brand products.

Please use the Coupon Code AGSAVE and add your Autogeek Forum Username in the comments box.

This will give you a discount to the following brands;
Wolfgang Concours Series
Pinnacle Natural Brilliance
Detailer's Pro Series
Lake Country
Edge Pads
Grit Guard
Clay Magic
Black Lightning Nitrile Gloves
Aquatouch Microfibre
Concours Brand (excluding Machines)

This discount is not applicable to:
and brands not mentioned above.

On behalf of the team at Waxit Car Care, I thank you all for your continued support and look forward to talking to and meeting as many of you as possible.

Kind Regards

Antonio Massari
Waxit Car Care
Simplifing Detailing & Paint Correction