View Full Version : Marine Detailing with D151

05-03-2016, 09:43 AM
I'm a first time boat owner and have used the Autogeek You Tube "How To's" to learn how to detail my boat effectively. One of the suggestions given on Autogeek that has been repeated on other forums and videos was the use of a one step process to restore shine to a boat. I selected Meguiars D151 based on recommendations. However, I started with a 2x2 section of the boat using a Porter Cable 7424xp with a orange cutting pad and the D151. After 7 passes I noticed that I still had some oxidation in the area and a pinkish hue (may just be the fringes, but it had a pink hue). So I loaded up my pad with product again and did another 7 passes. The area shined up nicely but I still see a pink hue.

Some information:

My boat is a 24' 2000 Seaswirl Striper. I do not think it has been cleaned in polished in over 5 or 10 years.
The boat is all white and does seem to have heavy oxidation based on my 2x2 test area.
My goal is to restore a shine to all exterior surfaces, including the hull and areas in the boat that I can polish using the 6" or 4" DA.

My questions:

Should I be using a 1-step product? If not, what should I be using. Keep in mind there is a lot of surface area to polish (exterior and interior) so I was trying to save time.
Has anyone seen the pink hue when using D151? Is it just the product getting in the oxidation and drying?

Thank you - and sorry for the long winded description.