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  1. Who attends a 3-day class at Autogeek at $1,495.00?
  2. Sanding Techniques During Touch Up Paint Application
  3. Class Schedule for 2019 - 3 Day Classes at Autogeek
  4. Training Cars for January 3-Day Bootcamp Class at Autogeek in Stuart, Florida 2019
  5. Real Wetsanding Classes - No Hoods
  6. Video: What the classroom looks like the night before class starts!
  7. May 3-Day Training Class - Set-up - Staging tools, products and pads
  8. Training Cars for the 2019 May 3-Day Detailing Bootcamp Class
  9. 1954 Buick Special - Coating Training Car for September Class
  10. Wetsanding Class in September - The REAL DEAL! No HOODS in this class!
  11. Training Cars for the 2019 September 3-day Detailing Bootcamp Class
  12. 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo by Heffner Performance - Ceramic Coating Detailing Class
  13. Boat and Car Detailing Class Dates for 2020 here at Autogeek in Stuart, Florida
  14. Training Cars for the February 2020 3-day Car Detailing Bootcamp Class
  15. Wetsanding Training Class - Real CARS - 100% HANDS ON - Mike Phillips
  16. Ceramic Coating Class - Ford GT Training Car
  17. Learn Wetsanding Training Paint Correction Ceramic Coating
  18. Training Cars for the May 2020 3 day Car Detailing Bootcamp Class
  19. September detail class?
  20. September 3-Day Detailing Bootcamp Class - the MOST hands-on car detailing classes on Planet Earth!
  21. February Detailing Class Training Car - Scion XB - HOLOGRAMS
  22. Training Cars for the February Detailing Class
  23. VIP Guests - Industry Experts - for the February 3-Day Detailing Class
  24. IDA Skills Validation Testing at Autogeek - Monday, February 22nd
  26. How to get to Autogeeks Show Car Garage Detailing Class
  27. Flow Chart for February Detailing Bootcamp Class
  28. Any plans in the near future for a Detroit visit?
  29. VIP Guests - Industry Experts - for the May 3-Day Detailing Class
  30. SHOCK and AWE Detailing Class! TOOLS - TOOLS - TOOLS!
  31. My Caveman Flow Chart for the No Chairs Detailing Class
  32. Interested in Boot Camp but have to leave Sunday....what do I miss?