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  1. The Final Wipe
  2. The Clearcoat Failure Photo Gallery Archive
  3. What it means to remove swirls, scratches and water spots out of automotive clear coats
  4. Step-by-Step How-To Article using Pinnacle Products with the new PC 7424XP
  5. The Definitive How-To Article for Removing Swirls, Scratches and Water Spots Using a Porter Cable 7424XP, G110v2 or Griot's Garage Polisher
  6. How to clean your foam pad on the fly
  7. Best Practice - Avoid buffing on top of body lines and edges
  8. Man versus Machine
  9. Measuring Car Wash Solution - The Dixie Cup Method
  10. Tips and techniques for using detailing clay
  11. Rotary Buffer- Stick Handle - Hoop Handle - Or no handle at all
  12. How to use a Discussion Forum to Detail an Engine
  13. New Classes - Wet-Sanding by Hand & Machine - Using the Rotary Buffer and DA Polishers
  14. New Forum for Wet-Sanding Questions
  15. How To Clean and Protect Interior Leather & Vinyl with Detailer's Pro (DP)
  16. Fingermarks
  17. The Mindset of a Professional Detailer
  18. 1-Step vs 3-Steps
  19. 5" and 6" Backing Plates on 6.5" pads (Pictures to show safety margin)
  20. Cleaning Pads with the Flex 3401 and the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer
  21. How to do a Test Spot using the Flex 3401
  22. Video - Glass Polishing Results - Mercedes-Benz
  23. The power in the after shots is created in the before shots
  24. TOGW = The Other Guy's Wax
  25. How to upload a photo into your Autogeek Photo Gallery
  26. How to insert an image from your photo gallery into your message
  27. Wolfgang Spot Remover - Review and How-to
  28. Removing Orange Peel & Sanding Marks with the Griots ROP and the Wolfgang Twins
  29. RIDS and Feathersanding - A Highly Specialized Technique by Mike Phillips
  30. Wetsanding - Fresh Paint vs Factory Paint
  31. Two "Must Have" Car Washing Tools - The Brass Shut-off Valve & Brass Quick Connector
  32. Wolfgang Auto Bathe - Review and How-to
  33. RaggTopp Fabric Protectant Review - Waterproofing & Waterbeading and Good Looks Too!
  34. The practical differences between a single stage paints and clear coat paints
  35. Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel - Review and How-to
  36. The 4 minimum categories of wiping cloths
  37. How long will a half sheet of wet/dry sandpaper last?
  38. Basic Hand Sanding Techniques
  39. How often do I need to clay my car?
  40. Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner - Review and How-to
  41. TOB = Traditional Orbital Buffer aka The Wax Spreader
  42. Tracers - RIDS - Pigtails - Cobweb Swirls - Rotary Buffer Swirls - Holograms - Water Spots - Bird Droping Etchings - Micro-Marring
  43. Two Schools of Thought - Sanding in Straight-lines or in a Crosshatch Pattern
  44. The Cruel Test Spot - This or that? - Reverse Bait & Switch
  45. Tips for choosing a name for your detailing business
  46. "Polishing paint is polishing paint, detailing is getting the wax out of the cracks"
  47. Fight or Flight Method for Gaging Surface Temperature
  48. The Reverse Test Spot
  49. Do I need to wash my car after I use detailing clay to clay the paint?
  50. The Lesson White Paint Teaches Us