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    Mike Phillips

    Testimonies for Autogeek's Detailing Classes with Mike Phillips

    Testimonies for Autogeek's Detailing Classes with Mike Phillips

    First hand testimonies by people that have attended one of our classes...

    Pictures: Detailing Boot Camp Class - September 28th & 29th 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrykm View Post
    Hey Mike thanks again,

    Really appreciate your hands on approach as well the of passion for detailing that few posses.

    Great class, great people, great host Best of luck to all.

    Quote Originally Posted by axel06 View Post
    thank you!!! for your expert advice. its very rare to have a place to experience all the tools that where there to try and on all the cool cars. i going try and get a a few to come on down for the next class..
    and thanks to the crew at autogeek wishing you all the best.. Axel
    Quote Originally Posted by barry50208 View Post
    Really enjoyed the class thanks for all the knowledge and hands on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knotch83 View Post
    Awesome Weekend! I had high expectations before the class, but it was better than I could have ever imagined. Mike has a great approach to teaching by offering hands on training which makes everything even more interesting. It was great to try out all of the tools and different chemicals. If anyone is thinking about going to the next class I highly recommend it!

    Thanks Mike, Nick and everyone at Autogeek!

    Quote Originally Posted by miniSguy View Post
    The class was fantastic! I learned a lot of great things I can apply to my business and met a lot of really cool people.

    Mike was great, as expected. And Nick really helped walk me through a lot of decisions on products and equipment. He's practically a walking catalog!

    I hope to come down for a Thursday sometime, but the eight hour drive may delay that for a while. (Let me know when you do something in Georgia!)

    I need to get back to my shopping now (thanks, Nick!). I'll start posting some of my projects soon!

    Thanks again!
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan K View Post
    I had a great time at boot camp! It met and exceeded all of my expectations. The hands-on training was great; we got to try out so many products and different pieces of equipment.

    Many thanks to Mike, Nick, Brian, and Andre for putting on such a great event. I highly encourage anyone who is thinking about going to get signed up.

    I am usually not up early on the weekends, but I was so excited to get to class Saturday and Sunday that I was up and out of bed as soon as the alarm went off.

    Today was a different story, knowing that I just had to head to the airport to fly back home.

    What else can I say other than Mike
    Quote Originally Posted by desmondhall859 View Post
    The class was great. It introduced all the fundamentals to the novice and taught new technologies and techniques that any seasoned veteran could use to improve their craft. Mike was the best instructor/teacher I have every had, he was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, concerned, and encouraging.
    Quote Originally Posted by WallDiver View Post
    The perfect class if you want to make your cars look shiny the best and most efficient way. A must for guys getting into the detailing business and great for guys that love working on their own cars and me. Thanks for a great class Mike!
    Quote Originally Posted by fishhdvette View Post
    This class exceeded my expectations. I am now prepared to detail my own vehicles, but I think I will start with a neighbor's car first, LOL. Looking forward to putting to use the techniques and products.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cruisin Dave View Post

    This class was awesome! It completely exceeded all of my expectations. From the threads that I read before going to the class, I knew we would be working on some great cars and dealing with a lot of different tools and products, but I'm still amazed at how much I learned in just the two days of class. Now that I have been to the class, I really wish I had decided to go sooner as I am now comfortable with tackling removing the swirls on my black Challenger. Unfortunately, after I showed my wife some of the pictures of the cars that we worked on in class, she wants me to detail her car first.

    Also, just want to say that it was great meeting Nick, Bryan, and Andre from Autogeek as well. Being that I'm just a hobbyist and plan on just detailing my vehicles, everyone went out of their way to make sure I fully understood the products and techniques that were taught in the class.

    I guess this little icon says it all for you Mike.
    Quote Originally Posted by NIKIGUNZ View Post
    Hey Mike, just got a minute to sit down and reflect on the boot camp I attended. Well I would have too say it was well worth the money. We met a lot of very cool guys . I learned a lot about the product side as well as the hands on. The atmosphere and attitudes were perfect . Your teaching style is just right making it easy for all to learn from beginner to seasoned vet. just FREAKIN AWESOME man . Cant wait till detailfest see u soon thanx.
    Quote Originally Posted by JRS MDS View Post
    Let me first start off by giving a big thanks to the Autogeek crew;
    Mike, Nick, Andre and Bryan..

    I just made it back up north earlier this morning from spending the weekend at Autogeek's Show Car Garage.
    I was thrilled to be able to connect with such a great group of guys and participate in Mike Phillip's Detailing Boot Camp.

    Mike, I am really taking over the top with the course outline that you have prepared for the boot camp and the way you navigated the class confidently through it.
    When it comes down to finding someone to listen and learn from in this industry, your going to have to do your homework to find a reliable source.
    I am honored to conclude that I have found the MOST CREDITABLE PERSON who has years of experience and a unlimited amount of knowledge in the detailing world.
    And thats why I continue to come back and visit as much as I can to be in a passionate and positive atmosphere to further advance my set of skills.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fos View Post
    First of all, I would like to thank everyone at (Meghan, Nick, Andre, Bryan, and of course Mike) for the best time I have ever had in Florida (and I’m a golfer).

    The Auto Detailing Boot Camp was even better than I imagined. New Products to try, new procedures to utilize and a hundred helpful tips were just part of the take away, from the weekend.

    I have never been exposed to Auto Detailing before Boot Camp, except as a very uneducated consumer. I’m 58 years old and have never had a DA polisher in my hands, let alone safely utilizing this equipment on paint. Mike and his team had me polishing a 2002 Tahoe (headlights) in the first hour of the class.

    Mike stated two things in his opening comments, and I will try to paraphrase;

    (1) I cannot make you a detailing expert in two days, but I can give you the confidence to safely detail a car/vehicle paint.

    (2) I will give you 100% effort for the next two days.

    My comment, to those statements are done and done!

    I would recommend this education to anyone that wants to keep their second most important investment in the best shape possible. The best way for me to describe this course is, if will have me back, I would like to enroll in another Boot Camp Weekend next year! S

    o, whether you are a novice like me, or have been detailing for profit, you will learn new techniques and test the latest products, during your next Auto Detailing Boot Camp experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by Safari Car Wash View Post
    Hello Mike,

    Took a bit of time to get back to the computer to sign up for the forum, as we hit the ground running, after attending the Detailing Boot Camp last week. So I've decided to take the time for a few thoughts.

    Firstly, I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to you and the rest of the Autogeek crew for an informative, professional, and encompassing program.

    When we set out to resurrect our detailing department,which has been in-operational since hurricane Katrina, I knew we needed something that would give us the edge over our competitors.

    Simply saying that you can detail a car is just not enough. Our clientele are high-end production autos, a number of high-dollar SIV's such as Ferrari, Porsche, etc, and a very demanding customer base. We actually have Bentley's come through our tunnel! So there is no room for error.

    Our customers maintain high expectations and demand explicit attention to detail. Simply put, we have to be the best! And weeks of research led us to attending your class.

    With expectations as high as ours, you would have expected some sort of disappointment. Quite the contrary, our expectations were surpassed!!

    You have given us the tools, knowledge, and experience to return home with a program specifically constructed towards our customer base. We have no time wasted in attempting to provide services, or products that we don't need, or our customers don't want.

    Probably the most important thing covered in your class, also something i have always preached:

    Know your limitations, and match them to your customers expectations.

    Instead of 30 or more products in our inventory we will never use, we now have about 6!! Coupled with a standardized procedure for evaluation, communication, and work-process, we are confident that we are launching the very best detailing service department this area has to offer!!

    We have minimized risk, cut our process times, and will be able to deliver a product that will simply blow our customers away!!!

    Thank you Mike, for sharing your passion and experience with us. It shall be carried on by us, with every car we put our hands on...

    Many Thanks, and God Bless....

    Tyron Benoit
    Safari Car Wash

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Testimonies for Autogeek's Detailing Boot Camp Classes

    More first hand testimonies...

    Pictures: Detailing Boot Camp Class - May 4th & 5th, 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by Terry_Baldwin View Post
    I think (WE) the team knocked it out of the park! The 71is amazing!

    Mike, Nick

    Haven't really had the time to figure out the web forum!
    (Doing this from my phone)

    Would again like to thank you, for the class!

    I can't wait to get home next weekend tell everyone I know! Can't wait to get to work!

    This is truly my passion! Will call soon...


    Quote Originally Posted by Spotless914 View Post
    It was truly an incredible experience, and an honor to work with not only Mike himself but with a group of talented individuals from all over the world. I think the results speak for themselves on this one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chance2 View Post
    Thanks to Mike and Nick for their awesome training during the Boot Camp. The level of knowledge Mike has and his willingness to share with anyone is superb. This class offers anyone to try out all levels of equipment from entry level to top of the line.

    The ability to use products from many manufacturers is a plus for anyone taking this class to let them see the results themselves. There is no sales push etc. just 18 hrs of training and education from one of the best in the USA.

    Enjoyed the hospitality, interaction with other people in the class, the chance to see, work and learn.

    Anyone that is thinking of taking this class should not wait because you can learn so much from the class much less the forum.

    If you have an interest in a product or equipment and have not already done so check out the forum, Mike has an article on it!!

    Quote Originally Posted by AROD View Post
    It was a great pleasure working with the team, Mike and Nick this weekend. Thank you all for a great weekend.

    It was awesome not only learning from our instructor Mike, but from everyone in the class as well. Indeed not to mention, all the different tools along with new products we got to experience with was great.

    Now I know more about what really works when making future orders.

    Quote Originally Posted by davisautodetail View Post
    Mike is the real deal!
    A genuine car-guy that cares about people and is ready to share his years of experience and passion for the art of detailing and paint correction.

    The class was the best money I've spent in a long time. We not only learned a lot of paint correction techniques, but we were able to play with all of the different tools and machines.

    Whether you're an experienced detailer, or a hobbyist wanting to learn some new skills, the class is well worth it. There's another one at the end of September, so sign up!

    One thing to mention, I was a little worried we'd be bombarded with "available at Autogeek" at every turn with the hard sell. Neither Mike nor Nick did that, but were quick to answer product questions. I'm placing a big order (thanks in part to my $200 credit with the class), and glad to know what I need.

    Thanks Mike and Nick!

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert8194 View Post
    Yes, Mike is the real deal. Having been to three weekends of training, I can heartily agree that he is a great instructor.

    Anyone who has the opportunity to go to his classes should do whatever it takes to get there.

    It is well worth the price. As far as the AutoGeek hard sell, not necessary. AutoGeek sells itself.

    There is no detail company with better product selection, prices and the customer service is above everyone else. I keep hoping to get back to another class as they are always fun, hard work and informative.

    I am privileged to call Mike and Nick friends. In this business, there are no better. Just IMHO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marelis View Post
    Good day everyone,

    Mel here - What's up!!

    I would like to thank Mike, Nick, and my classmates for an amazing weekend at the Boot Camp Class. I watched every youtube clip and read so much on the forums before the class, Mike makes it look so easy.

    I learned so much hands on training that my confidence has boosted and I can work on any vehicle and it really is easy.

    The training was great in so many ways: the information was current, the cars we worked on were awesome and the products we used were phenomenal and the people I met were so positive and very friendly.

    As a woman, it was so nice to work with such a group of professionals who accepted me into the detailing industry with such supportive enthusiasm.

    Mike is such a knowledgeable man and such a continuous learner. That he writes articles to share the information with us in his forum. It is always nice to go to a professionals as a reference.

    I am confident that the information I learned and the book Mike has will make my detailing business easy and most importantly fun. I recommend this training for all types of car enthusiast young and old and mostly the ladies.

    Thank you for listening and have a great day.

    Quote Originally Posted by sasson View Post

    Mike, It was really fun to see you and seeing autogeek!

    Quote Originally Posted by p987yow View Post
    Wow - what a great weekend! As an enthusiast, having the opportunity to work and learn alongside the professionals – Mike, Nick, and the rest of the class was a fantastic opportunity.

    I now have the confidence and skills (albeit still in their infancy) to take on more advanced paint correction projects.

    Some pearls from the detailing boot camp: “smooth gives gloss”, “get organized”, “work clean”, “mark your backing plate”, “work cool”, “test spot”, “use the least aggressive product to get the job done”, “inspect your towel”, “creep out”.

    I just placed an order with Autogeek for some Pinnacle products - can’t wait until they arrive to put my new knowledge to work!


    It's better to get lost in your passion than to lose your passion

    Quote Originally Posted by rickyroas View Post

    Wanted to thank Mike and Nick for a great time at the boot camp it was very informative, on the professional and personal level.

    Cant wait till till next year keep on shining


    Quote Originally Posted by Terry_Baldwin View Post
    Mike, Nick

    I finally made it home from Florida!

    I am ready to place an order, and get to detailing!

    I am going to start with Dad's Buick, I'll take before and after Pictures and share them with you.

    I think I will do a few practice cars first and then start to charge

    Thank you again! I had the best time ever!

    Quote Originally Posted by topia View Post

    Mike, Nick...

    I had a really great time at the boot camp -May 4&5. I'm really glad I was able to come all that way to be with you guys. This boot camp came at a time when I really needed some hands-on in auto detailing and some good training.

    I'm still amazed at how those vehicle turned out after we worked on them.

    The time spent was worth it.


    Quote Originally Posted by Diego Suez View Post
    Hi Mike, Nick and fellow from the bootcamp.

    First of all, sorry for the delay on this feedback on the bootcamp, but I have just get back to Argentina from United States and honestly, every day I wanted to write to you but have not had time with my three nephews.

    The truth is that this course has exceeded my expectations in every way. Watching Mike live, after watching his Autogeek Show Car Garage on the Internet, It is unbelievable being together learning your techniques.

    Being you so recognized in the world of Car Detailing, it was unreachable to be there absorbing all the knowledge we impartiste through your experience of years of implementation on the detailing.

    In addition to this, I want to let you know, everyone and especially Mike, who is an excellent person and, as I told him after finishing the bootcamp, when I've been for a ride in two of the cars that we detailed (the Brown car and the police car), Mike is an example of life.

    One realizes when people are good by nature and this is Mike. As well as Nick, that turned out to be an excellent person and a very good coach.

    And to be honest all my classmates have been excellent people. Some I met more than others but all turned out to be very good and has been an honor to have known and share this unique experience in life.

    The course seemed a Conference around the world because had attendees from all over the world: United States, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Brazil, Argentina and I don’t know if I forget some.

    Finally, I want to recommend to all fans of the car detailing, and those who make the detailing a business, undertaking this course, because it is a before and an after of course, in terms of knowledge, techniques and tools that can be used. All of this coupled with the experience and knowledge of Mike Phillips. As well as of his assistant Nick.

    The dinner at the Marriot Hotel on Saturday turned out to be very good and fun. And to me it seemed that knew them from years ago when actually had known a few hours ago.

    Thank you Mike for that gift that you gave me before I left. I'm going to put it on the walls of my study of car detailing. Thanks to all your knowledge I could learn everything you need to start my business of car detailing in Argentina. Hugs and greetings to all.

    I hope we see again soon.

    And I repeat, has been an HONOR to be with you, NICK and all my colleagues.

    With the $200 discount I got, I was able to purchase several things at Autogeek to start my car detailing business.

    I am very happy and satisfied having completed this course.


    From Argentina

    Quote Originally Posted by RamAirV1 View Post

    I attended one of Mike's detailing clinics as part of Meguiar's Road Show, and I can tell you he is an excellent teacher!

    If you have the opportunity to attend one of his classes, don't pass it up!


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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Testimonies for Autogeek's Detailing Boot Camp Classes

    Pictures and Comments - January 26th & 27th 2013 Detailing Boot Camp Class

    Demo Cars from our Detailing Boot Camp Class

    Quote Originally Posted by Italian Guy View Post
    This class was one of the best experiences I have had, it is so informative and Mike Phillips is the man when it comes to car detaling. He has a vast knowledge of all the aspects of detailing and does a great job of teaching and explaining.

    He really does pour his heart and soul into everything he teaches. Mike is definitely a car guy with a passion for it.

    We had the chance to use a wide variety of products, which many of them were new. I am glad I took the class and it is worth every penny.

    Nick and Ray were a huge help and knowledgable as well, they were easy and friendly to talk to and always offering good tips. The whole crew at autogeek hands down is the best and know what they are doing at car detaling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Madcube View Post
    I signed up for this class because the last time I had my car detailed the paint was burned off my mirrors, and of course the detailer shop said it was like that when I brought it in.

    This class was excellent it gave me the confidence to use these tools and not be afraid to use them. I will be detailing my cars from now on.

    Two details will pay for the costs of the tools needed to perform an excellent job.

    Thanks to Mike, Nick and Ray.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott@IncrediblyDetailed View Post

    Without a doubt this was a priceless experience.

    I got to work hands on with every tool and try products before buying. Mike, Nick and Ray worked their ass off and went above and beyond with making sure everyone got the experience they were looking for.

    I really had a great time and would definitely take the class again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Hermey View Post

    I also attended the class over the weekend. I showed up real early on sat morning while Mike was still doing some final touches for the class, he immediately stopped what he was doing and welcomed me right in.

    To me that shows a lot that not only does he care just about cars but he buts his heart into everything that surrounds him.

    They say first impression is everything and he had my trust and attention right away i was ready to learn and see what this guy can do and I walked away with a lot of knowledge and confidence.

    Thank you Mike, Nick, Ray and the autogeek crew

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Hermey View Post

    Just one more thing i would like to add about the Autogeek crew. I called and left a message to order supplies and within minutes I got a call back from Nick.

    I had a list of things that i wanted purchased and I started out with the order and most companies would just let you order and try to upsell and give you a total.

    But Nick actually went through each item I ordered one by one and explained a bit about it. Nick actually saved me some money and gave me knowledge on the items ive purchased.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishincricket View Post

    Indeed, Nick rocks...

    I mean the entire staff rocks, but Nick has kinda been my personal forum concierge, which has made a huge difference in my supply orders, my questions and my overall confidence with my ability to perform these tasks in the first place.

    Credit where it's due, for sure!

    Quote Originally Posted by theparmachine View Post

    Mike teaches an excellent class, 26 years of detailing knowledge scrammed into 2 days and it's a lot to soak up.

    Mike starts the class by telling us that he will pour his heart and soul into the class and he does. Mike has such passion and skill for this work and it was a pleasure learning from him.

    I would highly recommend this class!! Thanks Mike, sorry I missed the beers at the meet and greet but maybe I'll catch you at DetailFest.

    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyhurst27 View Post

    Had a great time in class last weekend. Mike phillips is a good teacher and explains in great detail on getting a car to look great and keeping it that way


    Quote Originally Posted by YankeeFan View Post

    Little late but wanted to add my 2 cents. Been considering attending this class for a few years, once my son moved within 40 minutes I decided it was time……..and I am very happy I did, as Mike simplified many processes for me.

    My main goal was to understand the entire polishing process as there are so many variables - type and brand polisher plus polish & pad aggressiveness. In addition, polishing time, machine speed and amount pressure, on and on…….

    I’ve read about on my own, saw many forum posts (that sometimes confused the issue as many have their own processes and favorite products) but spending a day (and some) learning how to use DA and rotary polishers was key as I was able to see everything up-close and live.

    That, in combination with a huge amount of information from Mike both days (in addition, Nick and Ray answering random questions) were all taken in and noted (gotta love iphone Notes). My reactions to everything else shown over the weekend were “oh yeah, never thought of that” or “whew, I am doing that right”.

    For those that have been on the fence about attending I highly recommend the class as it certainly provides you with a visual of the whole detailing process, in addition, access to Mike, Nick and Ray for specific questions that have plagued you.

    Like to thank Mike, Nick and Ray for spending their weekend with us, I cannot wait till Spring to try everything out!! Also, thanks to Florida as my family enjoyed the sunny mid-70’s weather the 3 days we were there.


    Quote Originally Posted by Uptown Mike View Post

    Hands-on is an understatement! I can count on one hand the number of car guys who can teach, talk, write, educate and actually sand, cut, polish and wax a special car - Mike Phillips is at the top of the list.

    This was a high energy, fast paced, information filled and experience packed workshop. We were in the shop and on the cars for over eleven hours on Saturday and nine hours on Sunday. We talked shop for an additional two hours on Saturday evening.

    Mike, Nick, and Ray were well prepared and the shop was loaded with hundreds of towels and pads, dozens of polishes, compounds, waxes, coatings, chemicals and what seemed to be unlimited equipment/tools.

    Each topic was introduced with a brief slide show reviewing the process, objectives and pitfalls and then we were turned loose on the cars.

    This was not play-time but real serious work on someone's classic ride. If you were edging with a buffer, Mike would grab your hands on the machine and level you out and if you we're moving to fast he would slow you down. We then had a brief recap of the topic with questions and discussion.

    Mike loves, lives and talks cars and paint polishing. "Cars" are the classics that deserve a three stage polish and a show car finish. With over twenty two hours of instructor contact time and unlimited tools, equipment and supplies, this workshop is easily under priced and over delivers.

    It was a fun and rewarding weekend and I recommend it to anyone interested in the art, science and application of auto detailing.

    Quote Originally Posted by dpope View Post
    Well I have settled back into my day job and I am missing hanging with the boys at the bootcamp getting our hands dirty.

    Not only was this a great experience for a newbie but I think it was very beneficial to those of us with some experience. It gave me a chance to get all those burning questions answered and get my hands on some new stuff.

    Mike, Ray and Nick dropped a ton of knowledge on us and worked very hard. They orchestrated the weekend to allow exposure to a number of different product lines. Heck, I learned a lot from the other guys in the course. Everyone brought something to the table.

    My son Sam and I had a great time. It was definitely worth the investment and I would highly recommend signing up. The pearl to coin ratio was very high at this one!

    Quote Originally Posted by PabloAutobrillo View Post

    Hi everyone!

    I have to say that I really enjoyed the class, I had such a great time with Mike, Ray, Nick and all the guys that attended the class, specially with Alan and Jeff that where sitting right next to me.

    I felt really comfortable using all the great machines and products, the DA'S are so easy to work with, the Nanoskin Autoscrub pads are awesome, I think that they really replace the clay bars in such an easy way.

    As I said in the class, the Tornador guns, they rock the interior so great, specially the Black one, I was impressed by how the interior of the van changed from a darked and dirty upholstery to clear, good looking and also non smelly, because it smelled a lot like someone really smokes. I hope that the owner appreciates the job we all did on the interior and the exterior. I found funny that the front-right tire was made in Argentina!

    I found very useful the microfiber pads, they are easy to clean and work with. I also liked the Sonax products, they worked excellent over the van, we where able to remove those swirls and water spots and bring back that smooth, glossy and shiny paint finish that used to have a long time ago.

    I loved the sedan delivery how it turned to have that wet look and swirl free paint finish, specially those red parts, they turned so glossy and smooth.

    The white Impala, as far as the paint finish allowed, we made a great improvement wet sanding it and removing those holograms and scratches, we gave back that shiny and smooth finish.

    Hey Mike, did your fiance thank you for what we did to her lovely Accord?? ha ha

    I would like to thank all the Autogeek stuff and all the guys that attended the class, for making me feel so comfortable and happy.

    Mike, you are THE instructor.

    I think you have such an excellent knowledge and you demonstrate and transmit that passion for polishing and taking care of cars and give them that show car finish we all want.

    You encourage everyone to go and do something to make a car look the best we can. I learned so many tips and tricks that I will never forget.

    I absolutely enjoyed talking to you on Monday at your office, thank you for all of your time, I really appreciate it. I'm reading over all of your write up's on the forum.

    Imagine that I flew 4500 miles from Buenos Aires to Miami, and it was definitely worth the investment and I would highly recommend signing up.

    If someone ever flies to Buenos Aires, Argentina, feel free to contact me and will take you out for some nice dinner places and make you feel comfortable the same way everybody did during my stay.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abi05;805152

    Mike / Nick / Ray / Autogeek:

    Thank you for a great weekend of learning how to detail cars! I would, without reservation, recommend your Detailing Boot Camp Class because there is no substitute for hands-on experience with knowledgeable (and patient!) instructors.

    The Class gives you two whole days using a wide variety of detailing tools and processes with the Autogeek team guiding you on which tool / process to select (and why) for a particular job, and then helping you to master the correct technique for applying that tool / process.

    The detailing tools and processes are constantly advancing with new products becoming available all the time - the Boot Class Camp exposes you, with no bias, to a broad range of the very latest products so that you can quickly determine the most efficient and effective tool / process to achieve your detailing goals.

    As very much a detailing beginner, I was so grateful to Mike, Nick and Ray for their clear instructions, tolerance of my errors and patience in helping me develop the correct techniques whilst at the same time ensuring that even professional detailers were always learning new approaches, tips and ways to provide the best detailing services for their customers.

    And above all, I am grateful for the incredible energy, commitment and passion for detailing and for education that Mike and his team gave, unreservedly, for 20 straight hours so that we could all create show car perfect results!

    Thank you all,


    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Parker View Post

    Great write up and photos Mike, love the results on the 1964 delivery sedan, this being a large vehicle enabled a lot of your students the opportunity to work on it at the same time, and to learn by doing.

    The finished result looks amazing, I can't wait to see the Impala

    Quote Originally Posted by OCD-tailing View Post

    I just completed Mike's detailing camp and it was a great experience. It is amazing how much you can learn in 2 days from someone who really knows the business inside and out and who can convey that information in a logical, easy to understand manner.

    Mike, Nick and Ray are all extremely professional and unbelievably helpful--they really want you to learn and to excel in the class. T

    he best advice I can give is to get involved in the class and don't watch everyone else learn. You have to jump in and get the experience or you might as well sit home and watch videos.

    I honestly believe that the things I learned in this class will make my detailing jobs better and quicker. The time savings on each job will easily pay for this class with increased productivity.

    Whether you are serious about detailing as a full time job, as a second source of income or just for the enjoyment of having your personal car looking awesome don't miss this chance to learn from one of the best.

    Take the class as quickly as you can and GET INVOLVED in the learning.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Testimonies for Autogeek's Detailing Boot Camp Classes

    To be continued....

    (Takes a while to collect and then copy and paste these things)

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Testimonies for Autogeek's Detailing Classes with Mike Phillips


    From Anil who traveled Trinidad and Tobago which is 1,700 miles from Stuart, Florida one way.

    Quote Originally Posted by AnilAli View Post

    Hi all sorry about my super late response on this thread, but never the less, my take on the Feb 2017 Classes.

    This class was very informative and intense as well. I was super honored to be part of this, was a great experience.

    I am not going to repeat again about equipment and products etc., as these were previously touched on, however I must say what this class prepares you on mostly is TIME management, which is crucial in our industry!

    Not a lot of us have the luxury of 3-4 days or more to have a car done for a customer.

    Mike is pretty well organized and stern when it comes to this... I learned a lot when it came down to time and money/product management.

    Again excellent class and met a lot of great people as well.

    Will be definitely returning in the event of possible different classes in the future!

    Thanks Mike and Andre, had a blast!

    Anil attended the February 2017 Class where the class worked on some amazing cars!

    Pictures & Comments from the February 2017 Competition Ready Detailing Class!

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Testimonies for Autogeek's Detailing Classes with Mike Phillips


    Here's a recent testimony

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaker643 View Post

    The September class was excellent. The hands on training for 3 full days was both exhausting and enlightening.

    Having a chance to actually do paint correction on a wide variety of cars was phenomenal.

    As a hobbyist, I have only done paint correction on my own cars before this class so getting an opportunity to work on everything from a new Corvette to a 1970 AAR Cuda was amazing (the Cuda was by far my favorite).

    Thank you Mike, Andre and Axel for all your help and knowledge!

    The above is from the Sept 2017 class

    Pictures & Comments from the September 2017 Competition Ready Detailing Class

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