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    Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    Learn how to detail your vehicle inside out
    My Detailing Boot Camp is two days packed with proven techniques for creating a show car finish! I'll walk you through every step of the detailing process, from the interior to the exterior and under the hood. I'll cover everything you need to know to maintain your own vehicle or the vehicles of clients. If you plan to detail for profit, this class is a must!

    The two day detailing bootcamp class is $750.00 and this includes a $200.00 merchandise credit at

    Click here to register online

    The class size will be limited to give everyone an opportunity to ask questions and practice the techniques. The class will be held in the fully equipped Autogeek Show Car Garage located at our headquarters in Stuart, Florida.

    Saturday May 4th – 7:30am to 5:30pm
    Sunday May 5th – 7:30am to 5:30pm

    Where: Show Car Garage
    7744 SW Jack James Drive
    Stuart, FL 34997

    What to bring:
    • Bring a pen and paper to take notes if you like. All chemicals and tools will be provided.
    • Coffee and donuts will be provided in the morning and pizza and cold drinks for lunch.

    Please note: Each participant needs to register him/herself.

    By signing up for a class you agree to sign a Video Release Form upon arriving to the classroom for the possibility that these classes will be streamed live over the Internet and/or recorded for later use.

    About the Instructor:

    Mike Phillips has over 34 years of experience in the field of auto detailing and reconditioning and a true passion for automobiles. Mike has over 500 articles to his credit and he has hosted six full-length instructional videos for Autogeek. Mike has taught countless detailing classes since 1988 and has been a guest speaker at numerous car club events and car shows around the country.

    Prior to working at Autogeek, Mike worked at Meguiar's as a Sales Rep/Trainer for Oregon, Washington and Northern Idaho training body shop and dealership technicians how to use Meguiar's professional detailing products. Later, he became the online administrator and instructor of Meguiar's detailing classes. In 2009, he joined Autogeek as our Director of Training.

    Mike has appeared on Two Guys Garage, Motorhead Garage, My Classic Car, Truck U, and he is the host of What's in Autogeek's Garage on the Fox Sports Network.


    Detailing Boot Camp Course Outline


    7:00 to 7:30amDonuts and Coffee – Name Tags – Meet and Greet

    7:30am to 8:00amInspect & Evaluate the Car
    Receive copy of Mike’s Vehicle Inspection Form (VIF)
    The number one most important thing to do

    8:00am to 8:30amMachine Polishing Glass – Hand & Machine
    • Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover
    • Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent

    8:30am to 9:00amHeadlight & Plastic Lens Repair
    • How to machine sand headlights with Griot's Garage 3" Mini Polisher as an electric Dampsander

    • How to remove sanding marks and restore clarity using both DeWALT and Flex Rotary Buffers with Diamondite Plastic Polishes.

    9:00am to 9:30am – Morning Break

    9:30am to 10:00Cosmetic Engine Cleaning and Detailing

    • The 6 steps to a clean, dry and dress an engine fast for maximum profit and customer pleasing results.

    Cleaners and Degreasers
    Ready To Use (RTU)
    • Detailer’s Pro Series Cleans-All APC
    • Detailer’s Pro Series Engine Degreaser

    Custom Dilution
    • Meguiar’s D101 APC
    • Meguiar’s D103 APC+
    • Meguiar’s D108 Super Degreaser

    Blowing-out and Drying
    • Metro-Vac Sidekick
    • Metro-Vac MasterBlaster
    • Tornador Air Gun

    • Detailer's Trim Detailer
    • 303 Aerospace Protectant

    10:00am to NoonCar Washing – The Correct Order

    Traditional Wash
    • Autogeek Foam Gun
    • DP Xtreme Foam
    • IronX Snow Soap
    • Detailer's Wheel & Tire Cleaner
    • Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner
    • Multiple Car washing Mitts and Brushes

    Maintenance Washing - 2-Bucket Method with Grit Guards
    • Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo + Two Bucket Method

    Aggressive Cleaning - Single Bucket Method with Grit Guards
    • Pinnacle XMT Gel Shampoo followed by IronX Gel and Iron X Spray

    Rinseless Wash
    • DP Rinseless Wash & Gloss
    • Optimum No Rinse

    Waterless Auto Wash
    • Detailer's Waterless Auto Wash

    Noon to 1:00pmLunch Break

    1:00pm to 3:00pmInterior Detailing

    Machine: Cyclo & PC with brush options
    Hand: Multiple Brushes options

    • Aztec Hotrod
    • Mytee Lite II 8070

    Steam Cleaning
    • Mytee Firebird VS1500 Vapor Steamer
    • Vapamore MR-100 PRIMO Steam Cleaning System

    Compressed Air Cleaning
    • Tornador Car Cleaning Guns

    Cleaning Solutions
    • DP Carpet Extractor Pre Treatment
    • Detailer’s Pro Series Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
    • Meguiars D101 or D103+

    • Pinnacle Leather, Vinyl & Rubber Products

    Interior Glass Cleaning
    • Diamondite® Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner Aerosol
    • Glass Master Pro

    3:00pm to 3:30pm – Afternoon Break

    3:30pm – 4:00pm – Exterior Rubber Plastic and Vinyl
    • Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant

    4:00pm to 5:00pmWheels, Tires & Fenderwells –Protect and Dress

    • Meguiar’s Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier

    • DP Gloss Tire Gel
    • Opti-Bond Tire Gel

    • Detailer's Trim Detailer

    5:00pm to 5:30pmCondition & Protect Convertible Tops + Waterproof
    • 303 Aerospace Protectant - Vinyl Tops
    • RaggTopp Canvas Top Cleaner and Protectant - Cloth Tops

    5:30pm to 6:00pm – Questions & Answers

    7:00pm to 9:00pmMeet & Greet at the Marriot


    7:30 to 8:00amDonuts and Coffee – Name Tags – Meet and Greet

    8:00am to 8:30pmClaying
    • Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay & Pinnacle Clay Lube
    • Speedy Prep Towel - Fine and Medium Grade
    • Nanoskin Autoscrub Pads - Machine Decontaminating
    • Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitts

    8:30am to 9:00am – Tape-off and cover-up
    • Tips & Techniques for using Tape
    • The Beach Towel Tip
    • Wheel Maskers
    • Plastic Drop Cloths
    • Tinfoil, Socks and Plastic Bags

    9:00am to 9:30amDemonstrate Machine Techniques

    9:30am to 10:30amCorrecting and Polishing Paint

    DA Polishers
    • Flex 3401
    • Rupes Bigfoot 21
    • Rupes Bigfoot 15
    • Porter Cable 7424XP
    • Meguiar's G110v2
    • Griot's Garage DA Polisher

    Rotary Buffers
    • Flex PE14
    • DeWALT 849X
    • Makita 9227c
    • 3M Rotary Buffer

    • Lake Country Ultra Fiber Microfiber Pads
    • Meguiar's Microfiber Pads
    • Lake Country Foam Pads
    • Lake Country Wool Pads

    Compounds & Polishes
    • Pinnacle – Advanced Swirl Remover & Finishing Polish
    • Meguiar's Microfiber DA Correction System
    • Meguiar’s – M101, M100 & M205
    • Menzerna – FG 400 & SF 4500
    • SONAX Fine Abrasive Paste & Nano Polish
    • Rupes Compounds & Polishes

    10:30am to 11:00amMorning Break

    11:00am to Noon – The Protection Step – Waxes, Paint Sealants & Coatings

    • Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax
    • Gtechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer
    • Gtechniq EXO
    • Optimum Opti-Coat II
    • CarPro Cquartz

    Noon to 1:00pmLunch Break

    1:00pm to 2:00pm – Handsanding & Dampsanding
    • Defelsko Paint Thickness Gauge
    • #2000 Meguiar's Unigrit Finishing Papers - Hand Sanding
    • 3” & 6” Meguiar's Unigrit foam finishing discs - Machine Sanding
    • 3M - #3000 and #5000 Sanding Discs
    • Mirka Abralon Sanding Discs
    • 3” Griot’s Mini Polisher
    • Porter Cable
    • Meguiar’s G110v2
    • Griot’s DA Polishers
    • 3M Orbital Air Sander
    • Rupes Orbital Air Sander

    2:00pm to 2:30pm – Afternoon

    2:30 to 3:30pm – Compounding with Rotary Buffers
    • Flex PE14 Rotary Buffer
    • DeWALT 849X Rotary Buffer

    3:30 to 4:30pm – Polishing and Jewelling with Rotary Buffers
    • Flex PE14 Rotary Buffer
    • DeWALT 849X Rotary Buffer

    4:30pm to 5:00pm – One-Step Production Detailing with DA Polishers and Cleaner/Waxes
    • Pinnacle XMT 360
    • Meguiar’s D151
    • Optimum GPS

    DA Polishers
    • Flex 3401
    • Porter Cable
    • Meguiar’s G110v2
    • Griot’s

    5:00pm to 5:30pm – Wrap-up & Questions Certificates

    To register for this class call 1-800-869-3011

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    Re: Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    Student comments from my last class...

    Pictures and Comments - January 26th & 27th 2013 Detailing Boot Camp Class

    Demo Cars from our Detailing Boot Camp Class

    Quote Originally Posted by Italian Guy View Post

    This class was one of the best experiences I have had, it is so informative and Mike Phillips is the man when it comes to car detailing. He has a vast knowledge of all the aspects of detailing and does a great job of teaching and explaining. He really does pour his heart and soul into everything he teaches.

    Mike is definitely a car guy with a passion for it. We had the chance to use a wide variety of products, which many of them were new. I am glad I took the class and it is worth every penny.

    Nick and Ray were a huge help and knowledgeable as well, they were easy and friendly to talk to and always offering good tips. The whole crew at autogeek hands down is the best and know what they are doing at car detailing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Madcube View Post

    I singed up for this class because the last time I had my car detailed the paint was burned off my mirrors, and of course the detailer shop said it was like that when I brought it in.

    This class was excellent it gave me the confidence to use these tools and not be afraid to use them. I will be detailing my cars from now on.

    Two details will pay for the costs of the tools needed to perform an excellent job.

    Thanks to Mike, Nick and Ray.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Hermey View Post

    I also attended the class over the weekend. I showed up real early on sat morning while Mike was still doing some final touches for the class, he immediately stopped what he was doing and welcomed me right in. To me that shows a lot that not only does he care just about cars but he buts his heart into everything that surrounds him.

    They say first impression is everything and he had my trust and attention right away i was ready to learn and see what this guy can do and I walked away with a lot of knowledge and confidence.

    Thank you Mike, Nick, Ray and the autogeek crew

    Quote Originally Posted by theparmachine View Post
    These pictures were from day one and we were just getting started, wait to you see some of our later work.

    Mike teaches an excellent class, 26 years of detailing knowledge scrammed into 2 days and it's a lot to soak up. Mike starts the class by telling us that he will pour his heart and soul into the class and he does. Mike has such passion and skill for this work and it was a pleasure learning from him.

    I would highly recommend this class!! Thanks Mike, sorry I missed the beers at the meet and greet but maybe I'll catch you at DetailFest.

    Quote Originally Posted by jeremyhurst27 View Post

    Had a great time in class last weekend. Mike Phillips is a good teacher and explains in great detail on getting a car to look great and keeping it that way.

    Quote Originally Posted by YankeeFan View Post

    Little late but wanted to add my 2 cents. Been considering attending this class for a few years, once my son moved within 40 minutes I decided it was time……..and I am very happy I did, as Mike simplified many processes for me.

    My main goal was to understand the entire polishing process as there are so many variables - type and brand polisher plus polish & pad aggressiveness. In addition, polishing time, machine speed and amount pressure, on and on…….

    I’ve read about on my own, saw many forum posts (that sometimes confused the issue as many have their own processes and favorite products) but spending a day (and some) learning how to use DA and rotary polishers was key as I was able to see everything up-close and live.

    That, in combination with a huge amount of information from Mike both days (in addition, Nick and Ray answering random questions) were all taken in and noted (gotta love iphone Notes). My reactions to everything else shown over the weekend were “oh yeah, never thought of that” or “whew, I am doing that right”.

    For those that have been on the fence about attending I highly recommend the class as it certainly provides you with a visual of the whole detailing process, in addition, access to Mike, Nick and Ray for specific questions that have plagued you.

    Like to thank Mike, Nick and Ray for spending their weekend with us, I cannot wait till Spring to try everything out!! Also, thanks to Florida as my family enjoyed the sunny mid-70’s weather the 3 days we were there.


    Quote Originally Posted by Uptown Mike View Post

    Hands-on is an understatement! I can count on one hand the number of car guys who can teach, talk, write, educate and actually sand, cut, polish and wax a special car - Mike Phillips is at the top of the list.

    This was a high energy, fast paced, information filled and experience packed workshop. We were in the shop and on the cars for over eleven hours on Saturday and nine hours on Sunday. We talked shop for an additional two hours on Saturday evening.

    Mike, Nick, and Ray were well prepared and the shop was loaded with hundreds of towels and pads, dozens of polishes, compounds, waxes, coatings, chemicals and what seemed to be unlimited equipment/tools. Each topic was introduced with a brief slide show reviewing the process, objectives and pitfalls and then we were turned loose on the cars.

    This was not play-time but real serious work on someone's classic ride. If you were edging with a buffer, Mike would grab your hands on the machine and level you out and if you we're moving to fast he would slow you down. We then had a brief recap of the topic with questions and discussion.

    Mike loves, lives and talks cars and paint polishing. "Cars" are the classics that deserve a three stage polish and a show car finish. With over twenty two hours of instructor contact time and unlimited tools, equipment and supplies, this workshop is easily under priced and over delivers. It was a fun and rewarding weekend and I recommend it to anyone interested in the art, science and application of auto detailing.

    Quote Originally Posted by dpope View Post

    Well I have settled back into my day job and I am missing hanging with the boys at the bootcamp getting our hands dirty.

    Not only was this a great experience for a newbie but I think it was very beneficial to those of us with some experience. It gave me a chance to get all those burning questions answered and get my hands on some new stuff.

    Mike, Ray and Nick dropped a ton of knowledge on us and worked very hard. They orchestrated the weekend to allow exposure to a number of different product lines. Heck, I learned a lot from the other guys in the course. Everyone brought something to the table.

    My son Sam and I had a great time. It was definitely worth the investment and I would highly recommend signing up. The pearl to coin ratio was very high at this one!

    Quote Originally Posted by PabloAutobrillo View Post

    Hi everyone! I have to say that I really enjoyed the class, I had such a great time with Mike, Ray, Nick and all the guys that attended the class, specially with Alan and Jeff that where sitting right next to me.

    I felt really comfortable using all the great machines and products, the DA'S are so easy to work with, the Nanoskin Autoscrub pads are awesome, I think that they really replace the clay bars in such an easy way.

    As I said in the class, the Tornador guns, they rock the interior so great, specially the Black one, I was impressed by how the interior of the van changed from a darked and dirty upholstery to clear, good looking and also non smelly, because it smelled a lot like someone really smokes. I hope that the owner appreciates the job we all did on the interior and the exterior. I found funny that the front-right tire was made in Argentina!

    I found very useful the microfiber pads, they are easy to clean and work with. I also liked the Sonax products, they worked excellent over the van, we where able to remove those swirls and water spots and bring back that smooth, glossy and shiny paint finish that used to have a long time ago.

    I loved the sedan delivery how it turned to have that wet look and swirl free paint finish, specially those red parts, they turned so glossy and smooth.

    The white Impala, as far as the paint finish allowed, we made a great improvement wet sanding it and removing those holograms and scratches, we gave back that shiny and smooth finish.

    Hey Mike, did your fiancé thank you for what we did to her lovely Accord?? ha ha

    I would like to thank all the Autogeek stuff and all the guys that attended the class, for making me feel so comfortable and happy.

    Mike, you are THE instructor. I think you have such an excellent knowledge and you demonstrate and transmit that passion for polishing and taking care of cars and give them that show car finish we all want. You encourage everyone to go and do something to make a car look the best we can. I learned so many tips and tricks that I will never forget. I absolutely enjoyed talking to you on Monday at your office, thank you for all of your time, I really appreciate it. I'm reading over all of your write up's on the forum.

    Imagine that I flew 4500 miles from Buenos Aires to Miami, and it was definitely worth the investment and I would highly recommend signing up.

    If someone ever flies to Buenos Aires, Argentina, feel free to contact me and will take you out for some nice dinner places and make you feel comfortable the same way everybody did during my stay.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abi05 View Post

    Mike / Nick / Ray / Autogeek:

    Thank you for a great weekend of learning how to detail cars! I would, without reservation, recommend your Detailing Boot Camp Class because there is no substitute for hands-on experience with knowledgeable (and patient!) instructors.

    The Class gives you two whole days using a wide variety of detailing tools and processes with the Autogeek team guiding you on which tool / process to select (and why) for a particular job, and then helping you to master the correct technique for applying that tool / process.

    The detailing tools and processes are constantly advancing with new products becoming available all the time - the Boot Class Camp exposes you, with no bias, to a broad range of the very latest products so that you can quickly determine the most efficient and effective tool / process to achieve your detailing goals.

    As very much a detailing beginner, I was so grateful to Mike, Nick and Ray for their clear instructions, tolerance of my errors and patience in helping me develop the correct techniques whilst at the same time ensuring that even professional detailers were always learning new approaches, tips and ways to provide the best detailing services for their customers.

    And above all, I am grateful for the incredible energy, commitment and passion for detailing and for education that Mike and his team gave, unreservedly, for 20 straight hours so that we could all create show car perfect results!

    Thank you all,


    Quote Originally Posted by OCD-tailing View Post

    I just completed Mike's detailing camp and it was a great experience. It is amazing how much you can learn in 2 days from someone who really knows the business inside and out and who can convey that information in a logical, easy to understand manner.

    Mike, Nick and Ray are all extremely professional and unbelievably helpful--they really want you to learn and to excel in the class. The best advice I can give is to get involved in the class and don't watch everyone else learn. You have to jump in and get the experience or you might as well sit home and watch videos.

    I honestly believe that the things I learned in this class will make my detailing jobs better and quicker. The time savings on each job will easily pay for this class with increased productivity. Whether you are serious about detailing as a full time job, as a second source of income or just for the enjoyment of having your personal car looking awesome don't miss this chance to learn from one of the best.

    Take the class as quickly as you can and GET INVOLVED in the learning.

    The above is all feedback from my last class...

    From left to right

    Back Row
    Damon, Joe, Chris, Pablo, me, Willis, Chris, Dustin, David, Jeff, Maurris, Henry...

    Front Row
    Scott, Jeremy, Jeff, Sam, Alan, Sergio...

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    Re: Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    Comments from students from the last Detailing Boot Camp...

    Pictures from Detailing Boot Camp Day 1

    Pictures From Detailing Boot Camp Day 2

    Quote Originally Posted by MaxWax View Post
    Hey Mike and all the people at AG, thanks for an awesome weekend!

    That class was incredibly informative, an awesome learning experience, and the $200 gift certificate was pretty awesome too!

    How hands-on the class was definitely played a huge role in how happy I was with it, the fact that we all got to try out every product you covered.
    Quote Originally Posted by feslope View Post

    Thank You Bob (Max) McKee for making the space, products and AG personnel available to make this weekend happen.

    Thank you Mike Phillips for planning and conducting a flawless program.

    Thank you Nick, your help and knowledge contributed much to a smooth continuous program. Thank you Yancy for sharing some of our experience with forum members unable to attend.

    We had a great group. On Sunday we did 2 stage correction, IPA wipe down, applied Opti-coat to one half and C-Quartz to the other half of the Corvette.

    The Carryall got Clayed, two stage correction and machine waxed. This was all done by 3PM. We pretty much forgot about breaks and did lunch in about 25 minutes.

    Damp sanding and polishing out the sanding marks to a swirl free finish also went on concurrently with polishing and coating the Vette. Ag has black painted hoods on solid stands for practice.

    Self motivation was also evident. A couple members of the class took it upon themselves to clean and polish the grill on the Carryall. WOW talk about a finishing touch.

    Thank you classmates. It is a pleasure and a privilege to have met, learned and worked with everyone of you this weekend. Best wishes and regards to all of you.

    Quote Originally Posted by DanRI View Post
    Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you for a great weekend. Detailing boot camp was such a good experience for me. Its a lot of fun to be around people who share my passion for detailing.

    Thank you Max, Mike, Nick, and everyone at Autogeek for a great class.

    Quote Originally Posted by bshattuck87 View Post
    Mike, I can no where near express how grateful I am for being able to attend this class!

    I truly appreciate your gratitude, kindness, and patience for taking the time to show us what it takes to be a better detailer.

    With that being said, if ANYONE is thinking about taking this class, do not hesitate. It's well worth the money & time, I can't not stress that enough

    Again, thank you Autogeek, Max, Mike, & Nick for everything!


    Quote Originally Posted by Robert8194 View Post
    I want to express my thanks to Max, Mike, Nick and the entire gang at Autogeek for the incredible experience at Boot Camp this past weekend.

    The class was fun and instructive and well worth the trip.

    Mike is an incredible teacher and his live, hands-on classes are a great way to learn detailing. The information in the forum and the videos by Mike are great but there is no substitute for having the expert looking over your shoulder to tell if you are doing it right or wrong. The benefits of the classes to me would include:

    A chance to test products and tools to know what best fits your style and budget

    A chance to get small group and individual training on detailing techniques

    A chance to meet some great folks who share your passion for detailing

    An atmosphere where everyone is welcome, experienced detailers who do this for a living and those of us who are pure hobbyists, and no question is a dumb question

    A learning experience that cannot be equaled at the price.

    I guess the fact that I have flown in from Birmingham for the past two classes is as strong of a recommendation as I can make. I would say to anyone who can get to one of these classes, you will have fun, learn a lot and not regret the experience.

    But, don't expect this to be easy. It is a lot of hard work. But, if you are already detailing, you probably already knew that.

    Quote Originally Posted by slimer955 View Post
    I would like to thank Mr. Max McKee for giving me the opportunity to come and learn from the best. This two day Boot Camp was a great experience. And when you can learn from the best in the business, Mike, Nick and Yancy, it just don't get any better than that.

    I am an armature to detailing and the amount of what Mike, Nick and Yancy were able to show and teach in just two days is amazing. Mike is a master at throwing a lot at you in a way that makes it very easy to understand and retain what he is teaching.

    I strongly recommend that anyone in the business or just and armature like myself take his class, it is worth the price of admission and then some.


    Danny Thompson

    Quote Originally Posted by POE detailing View Post
    Thank you Max for putting together a great company! Your staff is top notch.

    This weekends Detailing Bootcamp was a lot of fun,and educational for any level detailer.

    These events, I believe do a great benefit to the detailing industry in bringing detailers together from all over to meet and share ideas, and also the hands on training with the huge variety of experiences with products, equipment, and an expert teacher who makes you laugh and feel at home. What a blast!

    And to all the class mates, it was a pleasure to meet and to share experiences with you. Can't wait to do it again.

    Paul Viens-Power of Excellence Mobile Detailing

    Quote Originally Posted by aray View Post
    Just wanted to say thanks for a great experience this weekend. The hands on impact of the class was excellent, and I learned a lot.

    Some things I somewhat "expected" to learn, but there was a lot of value I didn't expect. To some extent there are a lot of things "you don't know that you don't know". These are techniques that cannot be articulated properly in a forum or on a youtube video! A youtube video will not correct your technique, or explain why you're not getting the results you expect.

    There is no real substitute for hands-on training.

    As an enthusiast, it was also great to try a lot of different things that I would not have been able to try otherwise. I don't have too many test hoods at home to learn about wet-standing and compounding with a rotary. I also don't have the vast array of tools available at home that I was able to experiment with in the class.

    Thanks Mike! I also wanted to extend a special thanks to Nick who answered a lot of my questions throughout the week and did a great job coordinating a lot of the logistics of the class.


    Quote Originally Posted by Gorge View Post
    Attended boot camp over the weekend and I'm certainly glad that I did. The trip from Long Island was worth it.

    There were enthusiasts, part time business owners (like myself) and full time business owners. Ages 16-60 were in the building and everyone took something away from the course I'm sure.

    I got to try a wide variety of tools / products. More importantly I got hands on demonstrations on various facets of detailing from one of the best in the business. It's hard to put a price on that.

    Mike is very easy to learn from, and the entire AG crew is top notch. Mike, Nick and Yancy all gave us the vibe that we were welcomed in the AG headquarters and that's pretty cool.

    So we got 2 days of instruction, $200 store credit, autogeek certificate, meet & greet w/ Mike on Saturday night, tour of the AG warehouse, hotel discount, got to work on some classic cars and as if that wasn't enough...

    NO ONE has mentioned the free gift! Courtesy of Max we were all given a 3oz jar of Blackfire Midnight Sun along with a high quality MF towel (split weave on both sides).

    Thanks to all my fellow boot camp attendees and AG staff. It was a pleasure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian View Post
    For my first forum post I would like to thank Mike, Nick and Yancy for a fantastic experience this past weekend. Of course a big thanks to Max for hosting us.

    Classes like this can vary greatly in value and execution. The value of this course was beyond expectation for sure, the time spent hands-on and one-on-one with the instructor(s) is worth the price of admission for sure.

    The execution was top notch, a couple schedule changes on the fly with the classes blessing really kept things interesting and I didn't find myself bored for 1 minute of it.

    Mikes ability to educate a mixed class of pro's and amateurs is pretty impressive and seems effortless, not an easy feat.

    Nick was a great addition to the class, he's a walking Autogeek Catalog with with hands on experience to back it up. Great job!

    It was nice to have a chance to talk to Mike at the meet and greet, a long day for him I'm sure.

    If you can make it to one of these, I would say go for it. With the store credit and the gifts at the end it's cost per hour is under $10 and they feed you!

    I'm now going to plan all my trips to Florida around AG sessions. See you soon.

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    Re: Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    There's 4 spots left for this class and then it's full.

    Get signed up by calling 1-800-869-3011 or visiting this page...

    March 4th & 5th Detailing Boot Camp Class

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    Re: Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    There's still 3-4 more seats available for this class.

    Call our Customer Care Hotline to get signed up...


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    Re: Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    Demo cars for my upcoming detailing class!

    The 1940 Chevy was just painted and needs a show car finish. The Chevy below is NOT the actual car, I'm waiting on my buddy Mike to get it back from the upholstery shop so he can take a picture of it and send it to me. But he says it has a brand new paint with a flame job and it's been chopped.

    The 1987 Buick Grand National was re-painted a number of years ago, I've been told it has a pretty nice paint job, basecoat/clearcoat but is all swirled-out.

    For a "new" car we can use to learn Production Detailing I'm still looking but I have my buddy Bob's Black Escalade and it's wiped out.

    My brother-in-law is looking into a red Thunderbird, one of the recent late model T-birds, not a classic.

    Plus you're going to get to do all the things you see people doing in these threads...

    Pictures and Comments - January 26th & 27th 2013 Detailing Boot Camp Class

    Here' we're using the Tornador Air Foam with Detailer's Wheel Clean to clean both the wheels and tires.

    Pictures & Comments from September 2012 Detailing Boot Camp

    Pictures from Detailing Boot Camp Day 1

    Pictures & Comments from May 5th & 6th Detailing Boot Camp

    You can easily see the dirt being extracted out of the upholstery...

    Making a follow-up pass shows the dirt has been removed...

    Pictures & Comments from July 9th, 2011 Saturday Detailing 101

    Pictures & Comments from May 14th, 2011 Saturday Detailing 101

    Kyle testing out the Griot's Garage DA Polisher

    Larry loves the Flex PE14 with a 7.5" Wool Cutting Pad and a Solo Flexible Backing Plate

    Frank in the two pictures below was actually very good with the rotary buffer, you could tell he's been using an RB for decade as he made it look so easy...

    That's a Flexi-Foam 5" Backing Plate with a 5.5" Hydro-Tech Crimson Pad... I highly recommend flexible backing plates, especially if you're new to the rotary buffer.

    Pictures & Comments from January 29th Detailing 101 Class

    Always fun and always very educational...

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    Re: Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    Would love to come check it out but to far away

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    Re: Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    Quote Originally Posted by Pureshine View Post
    Would love to come check it out but to far away

    At my last Detailing Boot Camp Class I had a Father/Son team fly all the way out here from Seattle, Washing even though they've attended plenty of free detailing classes in the Washington area.

    They are both owners and builders of custom streetrods and wanted to learn how to create show car finishes on the custom paint jobs on their cars and their friend's cars.

    Even though we didn't offer the Rupes polishers at the time of the class, after the class together they purchased the Flex PE14, Flex 3401 and Rupes polishing system on my recommendation.

    I talk to Damon once in a while and wish both he and his dad were active "forum people" but alas... they're mostly car guys...

    Maybe take a vacation to sunny Stuart, Florida for my September 28th and 29th class.

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    Hey mike how often are these? I've been wanting so bad to come but I won't b able to until after may 6th

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    Re: Mike Phillips's Detailing Boot Camp May 4th & 5th

    Quote Originally Posted by akj View Post
    Hey mike how often are these? I've been wanting so bad to come but I won't b able to until after may 6th

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    Three times a year.

    Last weekend of January

    First weekend of May

    Last weekend of September

    We keep the class dates the same because many people travel great distances and everyone needs time to plan and schedule their airline tickets, hotel, rental cars, budgets, etc.

    So for the above reasons, we keep the above dates the same now for the last two years, this year and into the future.

    Hope to see you in the September class...

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