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    How to pay for your Competition Ready 3-Day Detailing Class with GoFundMe

    Quote Originally Posted by Klasse Act View Post
    Point taken Budget but the unmitigated audacity of the entire thing.

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    I've heard of gofundme but never been to the site [never will]... My question is: Is everything on gofundme a life threatening situation? i.e. Is it setup for people who need money to pay for life or death type situations? If so then ok...
    But if it's not, then what the heck is the big offense? It's social media, people do all kinds of "stupid" stuff these days... Heck, there's teenagers who make damn good money by posting videos on youtube thanks to thousands or even millons of stupid people who watch them. That's social media for you, deal with it.

    ..... Gofundme is supposed to be somekind of thing to be taken seriously? Pfft, we didn't have no stuff like that back in the days. Gofundme? Quit beggin. The audacity of people going on website asking for money about a real deal serious situation... It Should be taken lightly. Real life situations should be dealt with in Real life, not begging unknown people on the internet. How weak is that?

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    Re: How to pay for your Competition Ready 3-Day Detailing Class with GoFundMe

    I never used Gofundme either, some coworker made a donation page for another worker who's husband recently got diagnosed with cancer. The woman had no knowledge of this until someone told her. She was so happy that people cared enough to help out in her time of need. I see the benefit of the site for this purpose.

    As for the OP, I don't see the difference in setting up a Gofundme page for providing a free detail then allowing recipients of the free service the option to choose how much they want to donate. The other option would have been to charge a fee for the service which everyone would have been fine with. The OP then takes that money and puts it into a "detail class" fund. At the end of the day the OP provided a service and was compensated. Either the OP was compensated with a detail class or he could have been compensated with cash which he used to buy the class himself. To me it's the same thing, just a different way to get the same end result.

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