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You’re so cool Mike. No really I mean it, you’re a real nice guy.. There’s people on other forums who act like they’re dictators over little stuff like this and it’s a major turnoff to people who are simply trying to join in the community on any given platform.

This forum is by far the best place for respectful communication between likeminded people. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Well I don't know if I'm "cool", I'm sure a lot of people would not use that word. More nerdy when it comes to social media platforms.

But thank you for the observation.

Years ago after joining and participating on other forums and then feeling like I needed to take shower afterwards I simply started running the MeguiarsOnline.com forum like I would want a forum to look and act like. When I came to AGO back in 2009 there was only 1 forum rule and it was kind of general and to go along with it were handful of forum bullies demeaning everyone that made a post.

It took about a year to change the "feel" of the forum and it started with getting some real forum rules and thus the members had boundaries to stay within and the Mods had "something" to enforce. In a short while the bad guys were shown the door and it's been nice ever since.