Detailing Classes - Sunday at Detail Fest

Autogeek Show Car Garage

10:30 AM: Meguiars – Mike Stoops “Key Polishing Variables that Impact Results”

11:30 AM: Jewelling paint and high quality production detailing with McKee's Jeweling Wax – Mike Phillips

12:30 PM: Rupes – Todd Helme “BigFoot Mark II: The Evolution of the Revolution”

1:30 PM: 3D – Don Williams “SPEED Detail”

Optimum Demo Tent

10:30 AM: Renny Doyle “Profits in Polishing”

11:30 AM: Optimum – Yvan Lacroix “Increase Efficiency with Optimum”

12:30 PM: Black Wow - Richard Lin

1:30 PM: Richard Earl “The Life of Harley Earl”

Flex/Sonax Garage

11:00 AM: Flex – Renny Doyle/Bob Eichelberg “Introduction to the New FLEX XFE Polisher”

12:00 PM: Solution Finish - Chris West

1:00 PM: Sonax – Jason Whiteley “Proper Interior Cleaning/Conditioning”

2:00 PM: OPEN