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With all due respect it was 90ish degrees out and hot as heck for March and it would've taken a long time to take just one QUALITY picture each of all those cars, and most of them started leaving on Saturday at 2pm so you don't have all day. But I'll throw this out there, if you promise to take QUALITY pictures of each car as you posted above both days next year and upload all those photos I'll put $200.00 towards your plane ticket and you cover the rest of your expenses. And I'll even buy you dinner Saturday night. I've been wanting to meet and party with you any way. Sound like a good plan?
I'll agree, 90's in March is quite warm. Then again... I've stood in lines in Tampa and/or Orlando at theme parks when it was 98° in the shade for hours on end with whining kids, and hundreds of sweaty dripping folks that didn't speak English for hours on end, (and didn't die from it).

That's quite an offer there brother. Thinking that if my back were to allow it, it'd surely be worth taking you up on it.

The caveat within however is the definition of what a "QUALITY" picture is. IMHO it's impossible to take a quality photo of a vehicle sitting out in direct overhead sun, just isn't going to happen. What I would think that might mean would be no phone photos. Say using something like a DSLR with either a fast medium prime lens or a zoom lens. That should be enough to fill the bill for a "quality" photo.

I've put on (as well as been in) a number of shows and the logistics that go into them are insane at times. Kudos to the entire staff of Palm Beach Motoring Group for pulling this off every year.

The idea of a 'quality photo' within that environment is perplexing to say the least.
That being said... walking along a line of vehicles in a car show atmosphere it's quite possible to take shots that'd include 2~3 vehicles with each shot, shooting whilst coming and going, (say three shots angled ahead and three shots angled behind) getting multiple shots of each vehicle in the process. Basically stand in front of a vehicle and shoot the one next to it, and the one next to that. The rotate towards the right until you've covered several angles of 2~3 vehicles there to your right (or left). Take 5 steps forward and do it all again. One could actually stand directly in front of a given vehicle and shoot it 'head on' as well as to the left, and to the right. Then move to the next vehicle and do the same thing. There is no right or wrong way, just fighting with the overhead sunlight trying to avoid glare and washing out the subject.

For a 2-day show, it's sad to think that most left literally before the afternoon of day 1. Sounds more like a "cruise in" or "cars and coffee". Those are darned hard to get to all the cars if you really intend to capture them all. The evenings of multiple day shows are the most fun!

I would say though that if all the vehicles were lined up EARLY ON DAY ONE that it'd still be possible to get at least a few shots of all the rows in 2~3 hours. That of course won't work if they don't get lined up till 11:00 and leave at 2:00. At the least, start with the rows that are filled, one trip down, shooting at 10/12/2 when facing the vehicles you can cover a row fairly quickly. Next row, 10/12/2, and that'd at least get you the obligatory shots. Anything that wanted/needed more in-depth would have to be there after all the field had been taken in.

It'd of course be a lot easier if two were doing the shooting, but it's not impossible to cover in a morning. The biggest time waste would be stopping to upload all the cards to a laptop. Given that it was in the 90's I'd hope that the lure of spending time doing an upload at an air conditioned seat at a table wouldn't be so strong as to keep one there till sunset.

I went on a school trip with my daughter, her senior year in high school. It was one of those EF Educational Tours with her German class and we did 12 days in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland going like mad. I shot over a 1000 shots a day, culling them out when I could, but generally just putting cards in a portable drive and uploading them 'as is'. By the time it was all said and done, (after coming home and culling through them) I had *KEPT* over 5800 shots, over 2600 of them were good enough to print (meaning in whole or cropping out a decent shot). Never did print them all, not made of money. (Although I do have a wide carriage 8-color photo printer.)

Tell ya' what though.... as next years DF starts to come around, (should my back feel like making the trip) I'll call you up on it. Nothing better than a trip to good ol' sunny southern Florida with warm weather when it's freezing everywhere else, especially when someone else is footing the bill. CarMomma has been wanting to come down, and I'd just as soon drive as fly. That first $200 would pay the gas for sure.