Here are all the videos from day two at Detail Fest 2014.

In Show Car Garage:

Classes for Sunday

  • 9:00 Mike Phillips-- How to use the Flex 3401

  • 10:00 Renny Doyle-- Today's Coatings - How to sell, use and apply and profit from these products

  • 11:00 Jason Rose-- DA Microfiber Correction System, featuring new D302 DA Polish and DMX Extra Cut Disc

  • 12:00 Forrest/Eric Dunn-- Machine Buffing with Pro Mothers Products & Lake Country Pads

  • 1:00 Joe Fernandez-- High end detailing, detailing for the affluent

  • 2:00 Mike Phillips-- How to Properly Use the Rotary Buffer

  • 3:30 Todd Helme-- Understanding the Rupes System