Free Car Detail in Powell, Ohio - September 14th & 15th

I'm looking for 6-8 swirled-out cars in the Power, Ohio area for my 2-day roadshow class coming up.

You'll be using RUPES, FLEX and Griot's tools - ALL of them!. You'll also be using lots of different brands of compound, polishes, ceramic paint coatings as well as a plethora of other popular car detailing products for inside and outside of a car.

Every car that's been through one of my detailing classes for the last 17 years comes out perfect.

See here for examples,

10 cars detailed in 2 days! Texas Roadshow Detailing Class!

Prefer cars, not trucks, vans or SUVs.

I don't like risking that someone can fall off a work platform trying to reach the high parts of tall vehicles.

I like tall vehicles, just prefer cars for classes.

Send me an e-mail if you're in the Powell, Ohio area and interested.