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    Mike Phillips

    Packing pictures for an Autogeek Roadshow Car Detailing Class

    Packing pictures for an Autogeek Roadshow Car Detailing Class

    I had a member of the IDA stop by the Auburn, Indiana Roadshow Class while class was taking place. I broke away for a minute to talk to him. He looked around and then said,


    I can't believe how much stuff you brought?

    I hear the same thing from the host, their staff and the students as they arrive to the class.

    I share lots of pictures and videos all the time of how many tools, pads, product and supplies you get to use at ANY of our classes. But as much as I share, from other comments I hear, there's still a LOT of people that simply have know idea.

    And I'm sure some people think all classes are the same and that if they attended some other class - well, there's no need to attend any more classes. But our classes are different.

    With our classes there are no chairs.

    There's cars and tools.

    You are on your feet learning from the start of the class to the end of the day. And there's no other classes that are documented as well as our classes showing and proving that our classes are different.

    I'd say from simply talking to all the people that take our class each year, for the last 10 years,

    60% of the people that take the class don't detail cars for money, they are simply passionate about their own cars.

    40% are pro detailers or are starting a detailing business.

    I structure the format of the class to cater to everyone and you read this in the reviews that are posted by people that have taken the class.

    Here's 3 totes fitted to a pallet and the box holds a Hot Water Extractor. The heaviest items, the tools will get packed first.

    Here's what has to be packed....

    Short stroke free spinning random orbital polishers

    I start my class with these tools because they are the simplest tool to learn how to use and master. This is great for beginners but if you're a seasoned pro, I guarantee you - I'll show you how to maximize the performance of this tool. In my opinion, EVERY pro detailer NEEDS at least one of these because they are so versatile.

    Pads and Products
    Currently I show this tools with Buff & Shine 6" Uro-Tech Foam Pads and the Pinnacle Compounds and Polishes. These pads work great on this tool and I trust the abrasive technology in the Pinnacle compounds and polishes to work on all paint systems and of course any black paint.

    Griot's BOSS 21mm and 15mm Free Spinning Random Orbital Long Stroke Polishers

    This is the Griot's version of the RUPES long stroke polishers and it's a VERY Well-Built too. PLUS Griot's created an entire paint polishing system perfectly matched that includes the tools, pads, compounds and polishes. As a professional courtesy to my friends at Griot's I teach their BOSS system AS a SYSTEM. This way you get the best experience possible. Just as though you attended a Griot's corporate class.

    Griot's BOSS System - Polishers - Pads - Compounds - Polishes

    Our classes are completely self-sustained, this means when we arrive to a host's location we don't need or want to use any of their tools, supplies or towels. We pack it in and we pack it out.

    Milspec ProLock Extension Cords
    I teach a lot of classes and use a LOT of tools. I need quality cords that won't unplug and can feed the correct power to the tools to prevent the motors in the tools from burning up. These are a 12/3 AWG locking extension cord, each conductor contains 65 strands of 30AWG 100% copper wire. The plug locks when a standard U-Ground 15A-125V plug is inserted and will hold up to 80 lbs of pull resistance.

    Having great cords gives you the best experience no matter what tool you're using and learning.

    Here's the locking female end of the cord. Simply slide the collar back and then insert the male end prongs on the cord of your tool and you're locked in and ready to buff.

    Pinnacle Advanced Compound 16 oz $49.99
    Expensive but top shelf abrasive technology that always produces pro results no matter what the paint system. I ONLY use compounds, polishes and cleaner/waxes that work perfectly on BLACK paint in my classes. If it can't create a perfect finish on black paint I don't use.

    Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish $49.99
    Same quality abrasive technology used in the compound. This polish will finish out perfectly on even the softest paints. See my other article about it here.

    That's not all.... keep scrolling down the page....

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Packing pictures for an Autogeek Roadshow Car Detailing Class


    Packing pictures for an Autogeek Roadshow Car Detailing Class

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Packing pictures for an Autogeek Roadshow Car Detailing Class


    Not seen are what's in the three boxes placed next to and on top of the totes.

    Here's what's in the boxes. These items simply won't fit into the totes.

    Mytee S-300H Tempo Heated Carpet & Upholstery Extractor
"]Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer[/COLOR]

    Grit Guard Universal Detailing Cart

    Then when you put the two together they look like this...

    Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer & Detailing Cart Combo

    So as you can see, our classes cover every topic and we have ALL the tools for you to use.

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Packing pictures for an Autogeek Roadshow Car Detailing Class


    Autogeek's Roadshow - Saturday & Sunday Class Outline


    Morning Session - Multiple-Step Paint Correction

    1: Extreme Washing - This class session covers all the correct tools, products and techniques to thoroughly clean and prep a car for detailing when using a source of running water.

    This includes,

    • Foam Guns
    • 3-Bucket Wash Method
    • Wheel Woolie Wheel Brushes
    • Speedmaster Wheel Brushes
    • Brake-dust Removing Wheel Cleaners
    • Mechanical Decontamination using Nanoskin Mitts & Towels
    • Chemical Decontamination using Iron & Fallout Remover
    • Tools for machine scrubbing tires
    • Tools for air drying cars

    Also covered in the morning washing session are the non-washing procedures to do and the correct order to do them in.

    1. Wet Wash Engine Detailing
    2. Machine Glass Polishing
    3. Headlight Correction

    2: Car Inspection & Prep
    This class session covers everything you need to do to a car BEFORE you start machine polishing. This includes inspecting using an Vehicle Inspection Form, Paint Thickness Gauge, Swirl Finder Lights, Baggie Test. Plus what to tape-off and how to correctly tape-off and cover-up trim, comments, tops, etc.

    3: How, why and where to do a Test Spot
    One of the most important steps if not THE most important step everyone should be doing before detailing a car.

    4: 2-step paint correction and polishing
    This class session covers all the professional techniques to correctly compound and polish paint to perfection. Multiple-step paint correction is called, show car detailing because you're breaking the paint polishing process down into isolated and dedicated steps to maximize the end-results for a true show car quality finish. This session includes tools from,

    1. FLEX
    2. RUPES
    3. Griot's Garage
    4. Meguiar's
    5. Makita
    6. Porter Cable
    7. Cyclo

    Pads - Products
    The morning session includes a wide range of pro-grade compounds, polishes and buffing pads for a very well-rounded experience. You will learn how to know when to use a compound versus a medium, fine or ultra fine cut polish.

    Ceramic Coatings - Waxes - Sealants
    The morning session covers proper techniques for chemically stripping paint for the installation of ceramic coatings specifically. Techniques for applying and removing traditional carnauba waxes and synthetic sealants are also covered in the morning session.

    5: Final Steps
    The morning session covers coatings and dressings for; glass, tires, rims and plastic trim.

    >Lunch Break<
    Lunch and cold beverages are provided

    Afternoon Session - One-Step Detailing
    One step detailing is also called production detailing. In this session you will learn which types of cars and other projects are best suited for an AIO type product, (All-in-One), also called a cleaner/wax. The focus on this class is how to restore a neglected car's finish to like-new condition in only one step. Also called Speed Detailing. This type of detailing is great for enthusiasts taking care of their own daily drivers or for professional detailers for their budget package and also things like dealership work.

    1: Washing Techniques for Waterless Washes and Rinseless Washers
    The afternoon session covers how, where, when, why and what for using either a waterless or rinseless wash. Correct techniques for both types are covered and when to use one over the other. Also covered are the correct types of wash media and other tools needed to clean a car without running water safely.

    2: Mechanical decontamination - Why and how to use detailing clay and clay substitutes
    Students learn the proper technique for using detailing clay as well as clay substitutes.

    3: Taping-off and covering up to save time and marketing purposes
    Students will build on the foundation created in the morning session as well as learn the marketing side of taping-off and covering stain-sensitive surfaces.

    4: One-step high quality detailing
    Where the morning session goes over how to use a multiple-step approach for show car results, the afternoon session covers how to correctly use All-in-One products to compound, polish and protect the paint in one-step. This type of detailing is perfect for entry level detailing packages as well as daily drivers, budget details, RV's, and large vehicles like trucks and vans where the owner or customer does not want or need a ceramic coating. There are dos and don't when it comes to this type of detailing, which you will learn in the class. Everyone should have the skill set and knowledge to correctly perform one-step detailing jobs whether you're an enthusiast or you detail for money.

    Tools - Pads - Products
    I call this free-for-all. Students can choose and use any tool and pad combo they previously used in the morning session. This is your opportunity to spend more time with any tool that has attracted your interest and attention and you're thinking about investing in. You can even use multiple tools, it's your choice. The importance of abrasive technology is stressed in this class as well as how to under-promise and over-deliver exceptional results. You will learn how to get show car results in half the time.


    Morning session - Wetsanding an entire car from start to finish
    If you have ever wanted to know the art of wetsanding, here's your chance to learn from beginning to end, exactly what to do. This is a real-world class where you will work on real cars and this is the BEST way to learn the entire process from start to finish.

    This class includes,

    • How to prep a car for wetsanding
    • Hand sanding techniques
    • Machine sanding techniques
    • How to correctly use a rotary buffer to remove 100% of the sanding marks
    • How to finish out 100% hologram and swirl free using any orbital polisher (your choice which orbital polisher to use)
    • How to seal the paint using a ceramic coating, carnauba wax or synthetic sealant, even the cheater technique of using an AIO.

    >Lunch Break<
    Lunch and cold beverages are provided

    Afternoon Session - Interior Detailing
    You will learn the difference between a hot water extractor and a steam machine and when and how to use one over the other.

    This includes,

    End of day

    Certificate Award Ceremony

    Class wrap-up

    Book signing

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    Mike Phillips

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Packing pictures for an Autogeek Roadshow Car Detailing Class

    Always like this thread,

    Who attends an Autogeek Detailing Class

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    Mike Phillips

    Re: Packing pictures for an Autogeek Roadshow Car Detailing Class

    I keep getting asked by people around the United States when and WHERE we'll be holding our next Roadshow Car Detailing Class.

    Here's a snapshot of how complicated it is with the current state of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    I normally ship outbound to the offsite location anywhere from 900 pounds to 1,880 pounds of tools and products. These are HANDS-ON classes and in our classes we supply EVERYTHING and ship enough tools and products so EVERYONE has their own tools and supplies as we work through all the tools, techniques and topics. There’s no one else historically or currently that conducts a roadshow class with this volume of tools and products like Autogeek.

    >>> The pictures in this thread tell the story <<<

    BEFORE I can ship that volume of products to an offsite location with an average shipping cost over $1,000.00 – the class must have at least 10 people signed up.

    The Covid-19 conundrum

    With Covid-19 – it’s a tick on the RISKY side to invest money involved for an off-site class knowing and understanding that people will cancel at the last minute due to health and safety concerns. Completely understandable but then Autogeek is left having to ship a full pallet or 2 back to Stuart, Florida at a loss – if the class is canceled.

    So let’s hope we find a way to get past this pandemic so we can start-up our roadshow classes.

    The 3-Day Bootcamp Option

    At this time we are currently scheduled for our 3-day class in September. Here’s the link for information about this class.

    Mike Phillips Detailing Boot Camp - September 25th, 26th, & 27th


    If you’ve never seen what one of my 3-day classes looks like, here’s a great example.

    Pictures: Paint Correction - Ceramic Coatings Class - 100% Hands On Training

    So that's where we're at.

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