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    Junior Member gedgem3's Avatar
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    I am happy with it. It can be difficult to take off though. It does repel well and lasts quite a bit, unlike rain x which wears off after 10 minutes. I just applied a new layer last night since we have a lot of rain coming over the next few days.

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    Senior Member flamed03vert's Avatar
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    Re: Griot's Glass Sealant

    Throwing 2 cents in here. I purchased the Griots glass sealant to see if it would work better that rain x. To be honest I wasn't all that impressed. Rain x seems to not just bead the water but to shed it faster (jetting?). With the Rain X I have applied 2 coats, in a cross hatch pattern, 5-10 minutes in between coats. Buffed the haze off with a micro fiber and a couple of spritzes of water from a spray bottle. I applied the Griots in the same manner and it doesn't seem to have the same hydrophobic qualities of the Rain X. Maybe I applied it wrong?

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    Re: Griot's Glass Sealant

    I've been using the Griot's Sealant for about a month now. My yardstick for performance is the speed threshold at which water flies off the glass, eliminating the need for wipers. A fresh coat of GG lasts about 2-3 weeks for me, at which time it needs about 40 mph to shed water well. Definitely a step above Rain-X, which I've used since the 70's, but miles behind the durability of Aquapel. I'll use it through the fall, but I'll be going back to Aquapel again before winter. Aquapel's quite pricey, but I can go the entire winter between apps. Regardless of the sealant, I've found that using Stoner's Glass cleaner with "rain repel" seems to extend the life of the product.


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    I use the Pinnacle Glass Cleaner with rain repel as well and the windshield sees to bead forever. Have Naviwax on my other windows which beads like crazy. Griots and Pinnacle Glass sealants seem to be identical.

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    Re: Griot's Glass Sealant

    Seems lile an awful lot of work.

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