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    Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    I’ve been using Aquawax since I first stepped foot on AG. AW was on one of my first orders. It is a well-known quality product so I have never done a review or specifically tested certain qualities on it in the past. However, Old Tiger (Jim) contacted me with some different products that he would like to see a detailed review on and this was one of them. Jim also added Polycharger to some Aquawax and sent it to me to test side by side with the regular AW I’ve been using. Thank you Jim!

    Product Description (from AG website):
    Enhanced gloss and an incredible “wet look”!
    Duragloss Aquawax is formulated to wax after washing in one easy step. Duragloss AW produces a high gloss, durable finish with minimal effort. Aquawax contains no abrasives and is clear coat safe.

    This is Duragloss’ most popular product! Duragloss Aquawax produces a deep, wet gloss on clean paint. On an already waxed finish, Aquawax deepens the reflection, enhances the shine and increases slickness. This is a synthetic sealant spray with the gloss of a wax.
    Since Duragloss Aquawax is a polymer sealant, it has good durability in its own right, but it will last longest when used as a topper.

    Initial Product Observations:
    1.- Manufacturer Claims: Testing durability
    2.- Packaging: Quality black bottle and trigger with typical DG label (I would prefer a finer mist)

    3.- Directions: Clear and simple
    4.- Consistency: About that of a QD spray

    5.- Color: Aqua Blue
    6.- Scent: Like a slightly overripe fruit (but good)
    7.- Size/Price: #951 - 22 oz. ($8.99)
    8.- Size/Price: #952 - 128 oz. ($34.99)
    9.- Manufacturer: Duragloss (Brothers Research Corporation)
    10.-Made in: North Carolina USA

    Products used for prep, during application, or removal: (see picture)
    I also used a couple buffing towels and some painters tape not shown in this picture.

    Method of Preparation, Application, and noted Observations:
    I’ve used Aquawax as a drying aid many times so for this review I thought I would specifically test some particulars of the product and it’s hybrid cousin that Jim created. Before we get to that I did use them both side by side as a drying aid to test Jim’s Polycharged version vs. the standard AW with which I am familiar.
    I used my Sky Redline for this test. I was specifically looking for any differences in application. Having found no definitive differences in this regard I next zeroed in on appearance and slickness, which will both be covered in the next test.

    This next test would include:
    Using AW and AWpc as a spray wax on an already dry panel.
    Setup for a durability test of both AW and AWpc.

    For this test I started by washing a test panel that’s been sitting in my garage. Apologies in advance for not taking the time to get the paint perfect before this test. It would have been a perfect opportunity to break in my Surbuf pads to get the deep stuff that’s still there.

    The panel was just dusty so I sprayed it with water. After letting the water run off I sprayed it down with IPA liberally.

    Setting Up

    Spraying IPA

    IPA Dwelling

    After letting it sit a minute I sprayed a bit more and wiped it dry. Next I taped off a couple areas and labeled them for the tests. On the now dry panel I first sprayed AW on its testing area and buffed it off with a buffing towel. Then I applied the AWpc to its section and buffed it off as well.

    After Buffing

    Aquawax Side (After Buffing)

    Aquawax with Polycharger Side (After Buffing)

    When applying to this dry panel I noted that the AWpc seamed to streak just a wee bit easier then the AW. The sun had just come out for a few seconds so that could have been the difference. Please note that AW as a drying aid (spray 1 panel at a time and wipe while drying) has never given me a streaking problem. Lets get to the slickness and gloss... Since my subconscious is already tainted with my view of Polycharger I asked my wife to come give me an unbiased opinion and tell me which was most slick.

    Video: Slickness Test

    As you can see in the video she chose the Polycharged side. While both leave a very slick glossy finish I felt that the Polycharged version was slightly slicker then its natural cousin. As far as appearance I found no discernable difference between the two at the time of the testing. After a few more views at different times of the day in different lighting I tend to want to say the AWpc side is ever so slightly deeper but I couldn’t in good conscience tell you I’m sure of that. Without telling my wife my opinion I asked her the same thing and she leaned the same way while being just as unsure as I.

    Does AW and/or AWpc truly dry clear without wiping?
    A few months ago I read that Aquawax dries clear, which makes it great to use in hard to reach places. (Apologies to who told me that since I don’t remember) After reading this tip I used it in the barrels of my rims as well as my doorjambs (hinge side) a few times without wiping it down. I did however hit it with my air compressor after applying. What I had read did indeed seem to be true and I never noticed any residue. Today provided an opportunity for me to test this under stricter conditions and without using the air compressor to spread it flat. I sprayed each product one time over their already buffed areas and walked away.

    Aquawax Side (1 spray and let sit)

    Aquawax Polycharged Side (1 spray and let sit)

    Clear Test Area

    After a few hours I came back to see how clear it had dried. While there wasn’t any white or colored residue there was most certainly the clear oily buildup of AW and AWpc that had not yet completely dried. Their appeared to be no difference in how one dried over the other. Although it’s not completely dry yet I’m pretty sure it’s not going to clear up much more then that. Forgive the spots in the pictures where you can see I poked at it a bit. Just focus on the drops that are drying…

    Aquawax Side (Clear test a few hours later)

    Aquawax Polycharged Side (Clear test a few hours later)

    Another quality that I have assumed based on what others have told me is that Aquawax does not have much durability. While I don’t plan on using it as a standalone product on my cars I thought it would be a good idea to actually test this (Especially now that I see DG claims a durable finish. With the Polycharged concoction from Jim we have yet another great reason for a durability test. As you can see in the previous paragraphs we are all set up for said durability test. Now we only need time and the elements.

    1.- Slick and Glossy

    2.–Excellent price
    3.- Ease of application
    4.- Won’t stain trim
    5.- Smells nice

    1.- I’m expecting durability to belong here in the cons section but I’ve never used it on its own so can’t be sure. This is not a stand-alone product based on what I’ve read and seen but I’ve never used it without another product beneath it so I should learn something here. I’ll learn a little more after some rain. Unfortunately it looks like we don’t have any coming this week. We might have to manufacture the elements ourselves

    1.- AW can get streaky but only if you apply too much. This should not be an issue for most. I debated about streaks being in the con section or not but I’ve never had issue with it when drying with it or using it in shade. Until I had a wee bit today I would have put it in the Pros for no streaking. Most spray waxes and QD’s streak if you apply too much or mess with them in the sun.
    2.- How long will AW last on its own and how will the Polycharger affect durability?
    3.- Raise your hand if you think I should move the test panel away from the pool so chlorine doesn’t influence the test. (Don’t worry I did)

    Final Observations and Summary:

    The AG description specifically states to use it as a topper so I must assume it lacks in protecting paint from the environment. I couldn’t find any info from Duragloss saying not to use it as a standalone product.
    With or without Polycharger this is a terrific synthetic spray “wax” and if you haven’t tried it you should check it out. If you have some Polycharger then give this mix a try as well. I agree with Jim that it makes an already wonderful product even better.

    And the Product Links:

    22 oz.

    128 oz.


    Sky's the Limit Car Care

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    Re: Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    great product. i always apply it when the car is wet after washing. drying it off with the guzzler makes it shine nicely!

    good review.
    Autogeek OG. Attended detail fest I/II. Still detailing!

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    Re: Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    I got streaking with Aquawax in hot South Florida sun. I moved to their Fast/Clean product which seemed a lighter version and really found it rewarding too. Just a footnote in case others like the look but experience some streaking also.

    Corey nice review as always !


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    Re: Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    Great review as always Corey. Thank you for taking the time to do it for us. How do think AW holds up to Pinn Souveran spray wax?

    (Belt and boots)??
    Signature Car Care... Authorized CQuartz Finest Installer
    "May the shine be with you" Uncle Stu

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    Re: Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    great write up Corey...I think you missed your calling
    Robert DiTerlizzi, 772-260-6636
    Impressions Fine Automotive Detailing
    7656 SW Jack James Dr.Stuart, Fl.

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    Re: Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    Once again great review. I use AW as well usually a top up on my car when I don't have time to do the whole wax process. I do like using it on door jambs and hinges as it leaves a nice shine and is very easy to use. I look forward to the durability out come as I usually use it every 2 weeks or so.

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    Re: Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    Great writeup! I have been bugging my local Federated auto parts store to get me the gallon but he refuses. Buying it in 22Oz bottle is getting expensive. I am already on my 3rd!

    Can you compare it against the Fast Clean N Shine (#921) ? I can not make my mind as to which I like better. For my usage, FCS seems more suitable.

    - Vikas

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    Re: Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    Excellent job Corey! I also found the PC made it more slick. I think the Polycharger looks better the next day like UPGP. I dont think straight AW does this IME. The durability test will be most interesting! Thanks again. Meghan & Max you need to see what a great asset you could have if you let Corey moonlight for you!
    My name is Jim and I am an Old Auburn Tiger.

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    Re: Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    I really like AW a lot. I use it as advertised: I spray it on the paint while still wet from washing.

    It does add gloss to the paint. I use it fairly regularly just for that extra bit of gloss/pop.

    I liked it even better when it was even less expensive than it is now.

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    Re: Review: Duragloss Aquawax (#951)

    I too have used AW for many moons. Oddly, I have never used it as a drying aid after washing. My use is wiping down a clean car for the extra bling or after a full exterior polish/protect to pick up any traces of wax/sealant I may have missed. Here too, the extra bling sure doesn't hurt. in North Texas

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