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Sorry to say but the answer is "no" and that's not because we don't want to accept the funding from a GI Bill but it's OUR Government that has created multiple multiple layers of bureaucracy to comply with before we or ANY type of school can accept the GI Bill funding.

That said, Bob McKee is and has always been very supportive of our men and women in the military. So while our government makes it pretty much impossible for Autogeek, a private sector business to help you, Bob will still help you by offering your our class with a military discount provision.

In the past when we have had someone ask us this question, because the government makes it difficult if not impossible to accept funding from the GI Bill that most people that ask are or were hoping to be able use this option to avoid any or most out-of-pocket expense. Then when this proves to not be the case there's less interest.

If you truly want to attend one of our last two classes for 2016, that's the class in May or the class in September, then give Andre a call at 1-800-869-3011 x244 and he will let you know what Autogeek can do to support your interest in taking one of our classes.

I personally would love to have you attend a future class.

mike, im sure you get a million of them but PM coming your way