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Thread: Griots Garage 3 inch HD Backing Plate

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    Re: Griots Garage 3 inch HD Backing Plate

    Quote Originally Posted by jehsautosalon View Post
    Ps. I actually converted my Griot's Garage 3in DA into 1in by using the Flex rotary backing plate and some DA/rotary adaptor. Pretty balance to use but I really don't use it tool long. Just for some thigt spots.
    Good idea. I already have all the parts to do it too.

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    Re: Griots Garage 3 inch HD Backing Plate

    Quote Originally Posted by Brownie View Post
    Here is the facts on 3" Orbital Backing Plates.... With any counterbalance assembly, the "Dance" between the Counterbalance & combined weight of backing plate, buffing pad and liquid must be carefully considered.
    It isn't as simple as finding a 5/16" threaded backing plate and fastening it to the machine. Lake Country manufacturers a great 3" Backing Plate...however it has a weight range from my research to be around 80-83grams. In addition, using only three rivets to hold the plate together will allow for potential flex and/or warping of the center hub. Additionally, with no center recess the plate efficiently transfers heat to the pad subsequently reducing pad life.

    The Griot's Garage 3" HD Orbital Backing Plate was built from the ground up to work in concert with the GG6- 6" Random Orbital Polisher. It features a center recess, Velcro Brand micro-hook and 6 HD rivets with a steel hub washer. The plate will ensure smoother performance from the GG orbital. Combine this 3" Plate with this tool, along with the new BOSS Pads and you'll experience paint correction as fast as any 3" tool on the market. In spite of it 8mm orbital, the insane rotation experienced with this set-up will compensate delivering ridiculously fast correction. I wouldn't recommend using the tool at speeds faster than 3 or so... I'm confident many of you will dedicate a 6" Random Orbital to a 3" tool... PS... I wouldn't recommend using a thin 3" Backing plate like what's found on the 3" Random Orbital or from other manufacturers. It'll assuredly deliver excess vibration, making the tool unbearable.

    Jeff, I had been thinking that the new HD 3" backing plate was also made for the GG 3" polisher in mind, but reading your comments again it looks like it was just intended for the GG6.

    Does the 3" HD BP installed on the GG3 make the GG3 a better machine?
    Or does it throw the balance off in the opposite way that it makes the GG6 better with small pads? Making it too heavy or sluggish with less rotation.

    Seems like the GG3 with the 3" HD plate along with the new BOSS 3.5" pads or the LC Thinpro 3.5" pads may really get the full potential out of the machine.

    There are just some things that the large orbit polishers do not work well on and the 8mm orbit works better.

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    Re: Griots Garage 3 inch HD Backing Plate

    ^^^^ The 3" backing plate was designed from the ground up exclusively for the GG6. It has a 5/16" spindle and could never fit on the GG3 and the GG3 doesn't have the torque to spin it (I'm guessing because it looks so beefy compared to the tiny backing plate on the GG3)
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