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Thread: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

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    Senior Member dlc95's Avatar
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    May 2013
    Rochester Hills, Mi

    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    Quote Originally Posted by WaxMaster1 View Post
    It reminds me of Meguiar's #6 which smells the same since the late 80's when I started using it. It has a Banana(y) smell
    Well, I'm in my chemical room with both products.

    While I say A12, M06, and M26 all qualify as banana, Ultimate Polish smells like a banana shake.

    I think I'm going to stop and get one later. I'm done working for the day (aside from washing towels/pads)...

    Ultimate Polish and Ultimate Compound are products I wish were available in larger quantities.

    Maybe Nick can get them for me by the case?
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    Senior Member WAXOFF's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    Just south of the Burgh

    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    Megs 205 for me.
    2011 Compass Latitude Bright Silver/ 2014 VW Tiguan SE White Gold

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    Junior Member EPHIOS's Avatar
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    Dec 2016
    Las Vegas

    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    I use Meguiars M205. I been using it for more than 5 years now, and brought nothing less than stellar results. However, I recently bought a gallon of BOSS Perfecting Cream, because I heard that it capable of long buffing cycle. It will also awesome with my BOSS G21.

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    Member Philips146's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    Kailua-kona HI

    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    Shine Supply Classic Cut with Megs MF pad hands down the BEST . You get good cut and rarely have to go back to polish it. Or their Classic Polish is good too.

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    Senior Member Mantilgh's Avatar
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    Dec 2014
    Boonsboro, Md

    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    Optimum Polish II works well for me but most of the time I use Poli-Seal instead.

    Your #6 may be dependent on your paint and what kind of orange pad you have.

    I did a AIO the other day and the difference between my test spots with LC orange and white Flat Pads on black paint was obvious. I had to go with the white because the orange pad left a haze behind.
    "The more answers I seek, the more questions I find."

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    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    I have used OPT hyper polish on 3 of our 4 cars at home and its hands down brilliant.

    Some of you guys mentioned Megs UP...That one does nothing for me and its a nightmare to buff off. But Megs UC on the other hand is great.

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    Senior Member FUNX650's Avatar
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    Dec 2010

    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    Quote Originally Posted by wn1998 View Post
    I'm looking for a polish that I
    can use for the following.

    1. Swirl Removal and minor defect.
    2. Gloss Enhancement
    3. Easy to remove
    4. One step, no additional polishing needed
    5. Finishes great with Orange light cutting pad

    This will be used primaily on "daily drivers"
    that was to clean up the paint a bit and
    increase gloss.
    •For a Finishing polish (that needs to
    be followed with an LSP):
    -I nominate Meguairs M205

    •For a one-step product...(needs no
    follow-up polishing/LSPing steps)...
    that will, IMO, meet your above criteria:
    -I nominate McKee's 37 Jeweling Wax

    Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk~Joaquin de Setanti

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    Senior Member Dereksdtail's Avatar
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    Jul 2014

    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    HD speed,griots perfecting cream or griots fast correcting cream

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    Senior Member pdqgp's Avatar
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    Jan 2016
    Central Ohio

    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    Quote Originally Posted by pdqgp View Post
    For Polish I really like HDAdapt with an orange pad. I also love and use Meg's Ultimate Polish. For German Paints it just seems Menzerna SF4000 is awesome. Not sure I have any "one" that I use on everything. I usually test or note in my book what works well on cars as I go through doing them. Any areas of polish that are more difficult to remove, I just use a MF Towel and a small bucket of Uber Rinseless and wipe it off. Zero issues.

    I would suggest that if you have areas that are difficult to remove to verify you've actually removed all the contaminants. I will say that on cars where I've clay/nanoskinned AND Chemically decontaminated the paint, I have no issues removing Adapt when used in right amounts. Swap Pads after two panels and do the above and I would be surprised if you have trouble.

    AIO Wise, hands down HDSpeed. I only do this work on the side so 1 car per week, sometimes 2 and 90% of what I target is HDSpeed AIO applications.
    Am going to update this with Essence now too. I use it as my base polish before ceramic coatings now.
    Brilliant Black B8.5/// Audi S4 | APR Stage 2+ | 11.752 @115mph /// Midnight Black Metallic Hyundai Entourage

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    In time out
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    Sep 2014
    Johannesburg,South Africa

    Re: Whats your "Go To" Polish?

    Menzerna 400, Rupes Keramik, CarPro Essence.

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