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    Re: Update on rattling GG6 polisher

    Thats a relief. Amazon is same price. But it's prime so I would get it in a day or two.

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    Re: Update on rattling GG6 polisher

    Sorry to interrupt, but what do you mean by rattle? While it is on or while it is off and you hear plastic rattle? I just got mine GG6 and after 1 use and i hear plastic rattle from the top part of the polisher

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    Re: Update on rattling GG6 polisher

    Quote Originally Posted by TheEuronater View Post
    I'm posting this so if anyone has the same rattle I had they will know it is NOT normal. I emailed Griots the video and they did confirm that it should not be making the noise I was talking about. I also want to say they seem like a good company and were willing to replace it. I do feel better that I wasn't being paranoid, I am not sure if I want a replacement or just a different tool altogether. Thanks for the help and here's what Griots said to me

    "Hello (My Name),

    Thank you for taking the time to email us here at Griot's Garage.

    The rattle in your orbital isn't normal. If you purchased it elsewhere, we recommend you contact the original point-of-sale vendor to seek a refund or replacement. We have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects, so if you bought it directly from us or you wish to just go ahead and send it in to us for repair or replacement, just fill out the Return Form attached in this email. Please allow our warehouse about 1-3 days to process once it's been received."
    mine did the same thing after 3 years of everyday use.Its was more of a internal shaft promblem.If your knee deep into detailing full time 149.00 buys you a brand new one,I could not wait out the duration of fixing it.If you can swing 149.00 and doing it full time that would be the quickest promblem solver.part time just wait to hear back from them.I sent out a machine for repair and one month of usage the same promblem occurred.good luck on your outcome.

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