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    The "OC"

    Re: West Coast Shipping

    There is vast amounts of knowledge at your fingertips, use Google, Youtube, and the search button.

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    Senior Member Mike@DedicatedPerfection's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
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    Re: West Coast Shipping

    Wow that's incredible!!!! My hats off to PBMG in what they do for us.

    Too bad I left Las Vegas before trying it out.

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    Mar 2006

    Re: West Coast Shipping

    Quote Originally Posted by Cg6LeMoN View Post
    AG went above and beyond on this one to ensure ALL customers are happy.
    We are doing our best, as you can see we are always open to try something new to help out.

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    Re: West Coast Shipping

    Have something good working with midwest also as my shipping time has gone from 5 days to 4. When I order over the weekend, I get my stuff on Thursday instead of Friday now.
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    Re: West Coast Shipping

    I need to move a little to the left...

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    Re: West Coast Shipping

    Thanks AG!!! This is awesome

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    Re: West Coast Shipping

    Thats great
    Now I wont have to wait 1 week
    Thanks ag

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    Sep 2013

    Re: West Coast Shipping

    thanks this is amazing for us in the west.

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    Orange County, CA
    Thank you to AG for this. Should be a win win as they say. I have at times ordered products carried by AG from other sources due to better shipping times and rates. The 3 day upgrade will definitely give AG a leg up in purchasing decisions going forward.

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    Oct 2012
    The Detail Bay, USA

    Re: West Coast Shipping

    Congrats left coasters... that's pretty awesome !!!!

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