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Thread: ultra ever dry

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    ultra ever dry

    has anyone ever seen this product before? looks incredible, don't know if you can use it on the paint but it would be perfect for the interior.

    [ame=]The Official Ultra-Ever Dry Product Video - Superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating - YouTube[/video]

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    I was watching this video earlier today and wondered the same thing.

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    Senior Member cartman57's Avatar
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    Dec 2011

    Re: ultra ever dry

    It's quite an impressive product.
    Wonder what the longevity of it on the cement chute is.

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    Senior Member
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    Sep 2012

    Re: ultra ever dry

    It states on their faq that it will last outdoors for several years. Also its about 60 for bottom coat and 100 for top coat in quart sizes. Stuff looks very interesting and not to count has the cool factor.

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    Senior Member Pureshine's Avatar
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    Dec 2012

    Re: ultra ever dry

    A little to good to be true but we will see

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    Senior Member ihaveacamaro's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

    Re: ultra ever dry

    Just watched another video and this won't be as good as opticoat because harsh detergents strip the coating. See here:

    Ultra-Ever Dry - Application - YouTube
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    Senior Member BradsDetailing's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    Green Bay

    Re: ultra ever dry

    Wouldnt use this on paint, doesnt look too clear. But very cool and interesting.

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    Senior Member c5errr's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Bahrain - mideast

    Re: ultra ever dry

    Cquartz fabric coat or 303fabric guard will do almost the same
    Soon ill be buying the cquartz fc

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